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  • CitizenGeek


  • IDNY

    I will take TWO to go!

  • rickroberts

    Smokin hot. He likes pokin’ that ass out. Leather pants are gross, but he probably didn’t pick them out himself.


    Baby sure does have back and front too

  • kevin57


  • hells kitchen guy

    I’m a sucker for dirty blonds.

  • Rowen

    It’s nice to see tummy/butt syndrome hasn’t gone out of style.

  • porsha

    Who decided that ‘models’ should never smile…what in hell is up with that? This guy is delicious…why not at least a sly grin? Thanks Queerty.

  • Tintin Malfoy

    Hot hot hot.

  • dvlaries

    He’ll look even hotter in about 12 years.

  • madmax

    Sizzlin’ hot.

  • Eric

    Spectacular! Two? I will take one for everyday of the week. I could get lost in that ass

    Back to work, I guess….

  • gary

    OK, I now accept that there is a God !

    Can a guy be too beautiful and hot ? Nah, but Scott comes as close as it can get.

  • Phipsidude

    *yawn* darken his hair and I might get some kind of response from these pictures.

  • akaison

    What’s wrong with his back and butt? They seem a bit off to me. Like why is he hunched over like that? Is that a model thing?

  • rickroberts

    Nothing is wrong with his back and butt. He’s arching it out there and saying, “Come on in, y’all!”

  • topsyturvy8

    now that’s an ass i could get behind.

  • Alan down in Florida

    15 of 17 previous comments are positive. With this fussy crowd that’s almost unheard of. I think we have a new champion.

    Would love to see him model a cock ring for us.

  • HL

    It’s a bit warm in here…

  • gary

    thanks # 17 topseyturvy

    best reply and cleverest comment in weeks about a five star STAR…and to the fag that would like dark hair….get over it , natural blonds are last hope for rational world…check out most of Africa….million years and still uneducated trash

  • M Shane

    His back and butt are just more than dandy:
    looks as if he likes them too! More More More of that rear action! Congrats.

  • al

    queerty, can you block this gary douche?

  • Nitesurf

    I second Al’s comment.

  • parisinla

    i think im moving to NH.

  • Eric

    I am proud member of the natural blonde crowd (even though I do add not-so-natural even blonder highlights) :-D

  • hells kitchen guy

    Gary’s being funny, right? Right? Right???

  • grace

    You are a disgrace, Gary

  • james_boston

    Gary is not only a disgrace but he’s a small-dicked disgrace. Go fuck yourself Gary ’cause no one else will.

  • Pogirum

    Oh My…. Have I died and gone to Heaven? ‘Cause I must be seeing an angel.

  • ERIC

    Really you ought to stop thinking with your peckers. Scott is a serious and sensitive speciman who obviously is a shy individual not given to nudity or suggestive posing.Too bad cause that is what it takes to make the real money!

  • anonoymous

    I know him…and he is definately hot in person!

  • ERIC


  • scott

    @ERIC: Eric, What issues? Is he gay, straight, bi or asexual?

  • M Shane

    I can’t imagine anything more suggestive than the shot with his delectable & hungry ass on high: A straight guy would have trouble figuring out that pose, yet executing it.!

  • Marie

    My dad is Scott Herman’s aunt’s boss. I have two signed pictures that his aunt got him to sign for me! He is the hottest guy on the planet! I live in Massachusetts and will visit Scott in NH soon on the set of the Real World!

  • ERIC

    At 14 Scott was chubby and not at all defined and classmates were cruel ,so it was suggested he join the gym. He did and worked hard to loose the baby fat, define his muscles and explore his sexuality. Yet, he is not completely comfortable with who he is versus who he thinks the world needs him to be for him to be successful. Once he gets through this he will be great! My partner and I have watched him, worked out with him and partied with him. We know!

  • jim

    whats ur ab workout and what do u eat?????

  • scott

    @ERIC: He has so many great qualities that people will overlook his sexuality. I hope he finds the “comfort zone” within himself first.

  • cruiser

    This dude is first of all one seriously HOT guy. You can use him as a Morning Goods ANYTIME. Secondly IF he does have issues concerning himself & who he is vs who he “thinks” the world wants him to be that is something he is goingto have to come to terms with in his own time.
    That shot with his butt showing, WOW this dude is SERIOUSLY HOT! I live in Washington State and we have some pretty hot guys out here but it seems as though NH has us all beat(meaning the rest of the states)or at least we have our work cut out for us. God what do they feed these boys back east?! I have watched a couple or so episodes of Real World(yes I actually admitted to watching the show)this guy seems to the most together(such as it is)of any of them.
    Did I mention that this guy is totally HOT!?

  • someonewhoknows

    so anyway youre all crazy. this is hilarious to read. i went to school with scott, and it just goes to show. you can slap some abs on a clown and all you ladies get wet. you’re ridiculous. and then you wonder why you cant find a man. you like to pretend you’re deeper than that but you’re no less shallow than any guy who goes for a woman with a nice set of tits. and before you go and try to be like “ohh hes just jealous of scott cause he cant get girls”. i had way more girlfriends in high school than scott and i have a beautiful wife now. she would make any of you feel no less than sub-standard. she’s a flawless beauty with an incredible personality. so shush! I’m not trying to put down scott here. I’m actually friends of sorts with scott. we had classes together and hung out a little bit. mostly some of my good friends are his closest friends. i.e. my boys brandon and joe who are good friends with scott. all i want to say is you ladies on here are crazy. for real you’re crazy. i bet there’s a guy you know who’s into you and would be the greatest man for you ever and you’re just too busy thinking about looks to notice him, cause he’s a little chubby or maybe he’s got weird hair or whatever. but he doesn’t see all your flaws. he sees how beautiful you are and how beautiful you can be. and he’s watching you fall for douche bags then sit and wonder why its not working. WAKE THE FUCK UP STUPID!

  • ERIC

    Well Scott came home for Easter and Saturday we had a party with just a bunch of guys. Scott was at ease and totally relaxed . A real breakthrough is in store!

  • DirtyBerty

    He must workout hard to get his shoulders that narrow?

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