Morning Goods: Tupac Shakur

Good morning, readers! Ready to start another week? No? Well, tough shit for you, then.

We debated about whether we should dedicate this morning’s Morning Goods to legendary hip-hip artist Tupac Shakur. You see, last time we posted someone dead (JFK Jr.) we got a bit of criticism. We decided, however, that we really don’t care.

There’s no denying Tupac stands as one of the most influential musicians of the last 100 years. Even a decade after his death, his presence’s still felt in much of hip-hop’s fresh offerings. And, of course, he may have been one of the most attractive men to walk the planet. Ever. Thus, we dedicate today’s Morning Goods to Tupac: musical genius, thug for life and attractive gentleman.

It may be hard to believe, but these homos miss him. If only he were still releasing albums. Oh, right, he is…