Morning Goods: Tyler Bachtel

Tyler first showed up on Queerty a year ago and he’s back with more of his comic-book hero physique and blue-eyed charm. He’s also wise beyond his 24 years, with this motto on his Myspace page: “You only have one shot, so shoot for the stars, you’ll never know where you’ll end up!”

As an added special weekend bonus, we have some fun video of him in underwear showing off.


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  • Andy

    The video would be more fun if he’d give us a smile.

  • Jamie

    Meh. He’s got the Joseph Sayers “stuck on myself” look. Pass.

  • Beej the Pink Sheep

    How fun! A morning goods video and pics fully clothed! Don’t get me wrong, he’s totally hot sans clothes. But it’s always good to mix it up a little.
    I really like the football pic. Not the really dumb one where he’s holding it like an Oscar, but the other one.
    Beej and

  • hells kitchen guy

    He’s really working on his Blue Steel look, isn’t he?

  • rickroberts

    Fierce. Love him. Thanks, Queeerty! You’d better stop posting white guys though. Monica Roberts is surely getting her panties in a wad. You’re racist for posting the pic, and I’m racist for enjoying it! What are you thinking!

  • mark

    I can’t imagine the work that went into sculpting his body, it is amazing.

  • porsha

    Wow. Is this guy all man, or what? I could go swimming in those blue eyes. Yum.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Here’s a challenge to the Morning Goods Crew (of one) How about posting some vintage pics of hot guys from the 70s and gauge the reaction from the more manufactured growth hormone injected au courant look (of sexlessness.) Burt Reynolds actually looked like a Hot man (even though he’s a closeted gay) is there something wrong with Full Frontal or a Hot Bare Naked Ass (or would it upset your corporate sponsorship?) Inquiring swine want to know…

  • cruiser

    Wow, a hot guy that manages to keep most of his clothes ON! This guy is totally hot. Love the photos, especially the 3rd one top row and the 1st one 2nd row, thwey are soo sexy & hot.
    This dude has got an amazing body, don’t know where you found him but if there are any others like him at home…we are in a serious world of trouble(LOL)!
    Nice job with this one guys, keep this up & this site could become EVEN MORE popular than it already is!!
    Keep those hot guys cumming(pun intended)and we will too(LOL)!
    Now each day I try to check out the Morning Goods just to keep me going through the day at work, they help break up the day with something fun and very attractiveto look at, glad I found this place :)

  • Snorked

    I guess the reactions to the black guys scared the shit outta ya Japh. I guess we’ll be seeing black dudes every once every 4 months? :)

  • getreal


  • Miley Crisis

    hot. but looks he subscribes to Douchebaggery Weekly.

  • cruiser

    Pity I couldn’t view the video portion, it sounds like it is quite fun to watch, of course with this guy in it dancing around in his Jockeys(tm)it could only be fun to watch as this guy is sooo hot.

  • Suburban

    great, great body. The video looked like he wasn’t really into it. Didn’t say a word or even smile. I thought everyone else was being too critical…maybe not. Still a great body.

  • Dan

    He’s super hot from the front – but he sure doesn’t have much of an ass.

  • Virginian


    LOL, I think so

  • icelus

    OMG please no vintage pics, especially from the utterly taste-free era known as the 70s! Standalone mustaches belong on the pages of Tom of Finland and nowhere else!

  • ScottsEver29

    Very handsome looking guy, not a pretty boy Thank God. No more pretty face boy models Please!

  • p

    I had this dildo’s bank account garnished for not paying child support

  • Jen

    Pathological liar is an understatment with this d bag. Prepare to be fooled.

  • ash

    This Dbag is too lazy and sloppy to find time to pay child support.

  • Jess

    This Dbag is a pathological liar, 4 feet tall, and broke from the federal government garnishing his money for child support payments

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