Moroccan Paper Fined For “Sexual Perversion” Smear

Morocco’s gay wedding scandal continues to – well, scandalize.

The story bubbled late last year, when a group of men were arrested – and later convicted – for participating in what several described as gay nuptial celebration. Horror of horrors!

Newspapers sensationalized the story, of course, smearing the names of those involved, including a litigious prosecutor, whom they accused of “sexual perversion”. Those papers should have known better to piss off a potentially gay prosecutor. They’re the meanest of the species.

Fast-forward a few months and you’ll learn that the prosecutor just won a libel suit against one of the papers, Al Massae and its editor, Rachid Ninni. Tragic.

Now, Ninni must pay six million dirhams ($816,000) and the paper has been ordered to pay a fine. While it’s unclear whether Ninni will appeal, other media folk are outraged. Journalist union leader Younes Moujahid remarked:

If we go on down this road, we’d have to shut down all the papers because the sum of six million dirhams is unreal. The Al Massae paper had already apologized to the plaintiffs. Anybody who feels offended has a right to go to court, but we call on Moroccan judges to hand down serious and fair rulings.

Moujahid also described the ruling as a “death sentence to the newspaper”. What isn’t?! Just consider it assisted suicide.

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