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Morrissey May Run For Mayor Of London


U.K. rocker Morrissey has released a novel and bashed Donald Trump before it became popular, and now he’s seriously considering a run for office.

He’s been invited to become the London Mayoral candidate for the Animal Welfare Party, and he loves his furry friends so much that he may take the dive into politics.

In response to the invitation, he said:

“Animal welfare groups cannot persist simply in order to continue to persist. There must be a governmental voice against the hellish and archaic social injustice allotted to animals in the United Kingdom simply because those animals do not speak English, otherwise millions of very caring citizens are greatly concerned about issues that no one is able to do anything about. What animal protectionists need to say is very well worth saying and well worth hearing. But we cannot just sit around waiting for establishment enlightenment.”

There’s much more here, including some pretty wacky thoughts about the meat industry (he seriously compares killing young animals for food to killing human children).

If he runs, he certainly won’t skimp on the crazy, and we’d really like another wild political race to focus on.

The one on this side of the pond is getting a bit scary.