From Queer To Eternity

Moscow Rains On Appeal Against 100-Year Ban On Gay Pride Parades

It’s probably safe to say that today’s not a great day to be gay in Russia. First Pussy Riot gets found guilty for their shenanigans/hooliganism/tomfoolery and now an appeal to strike down Moscow’s 100-year ban on pride parades gets rejected quicker than a bear in a twink bar.

Nikolay Alexeyev, founder of Moscow Gay Pride, launched his appeal on the sequined heels of the June ban, but Moscow City Court decided to uphold the ban anyway, effectively ridding the city of any signs of fabulousness for a century.

“After an extended period, the city refused to issue permits for the rallies for this year and for all of the next 100 years,” Alexeyev said. “They cited possible riots, as well as public opinion which came out against it.”

Not one to give up, however, Alexeyev still plans to appeal to the European Court on Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Photo: Nikolay Alexeyev Wikipedia