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Moscow Rains On Appeal Against 100-Year Ban On Gay Pride Parades

It’s probably safe to say that today’s not a great day to be gay in Russia. First Pussy Riot gets found guilty for their shenanigans/hooliganism/tomfoolery and now an appeal to strike down Moscow’s 100-year ban on pride parades gets rejected quicker than a bear in a twink bar.

Nikolay Alexeyev, founder of Moscow Gay Pride, launched his appeal on the sequined heels of the June ban, but Moscow City Court decided to uphold the ban anyway, effectively ridding the city of any signs of fabulousness for a century.

“After an extended period, the city refused to issue permits for the rallies for this year and for all of the next 100 years,” Alexeyev said. “They cited possible riots, as well as public opinion which came out against it.”

Not one to give up, however, Alexeyev still plans to appeal to the European Court on Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Photo: Nikolay Alexeyev Wikipedia

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  • Alex

    Dear Russia,

    Our first gay pride was a riot.

    From America with love.

  • Kris

    Because Moscow lives in a world where laws are phrased in the form of fairytales, courts upheld that Pride will be banned there for a hundred years. I’ve never been more upset that gays don’t actually have supernatural powers, because nothing would round this out like a curse of bad crops for a hundred years. There’d be a prince and a kiss would break the spell or something too—this story’s about as well thought out as that law.

    In light of this announcement I’ve made some other predictions for the future year 2112:

  • Kev C

    Such government nonsense. Just drop pro-gay propaganda on Moscow. Litter the streets and plaster the walls with pro-gay posters, pamphlets, leaflets, colored confetti, everywhere.

  • Billysees

    I think the Evil Empire still lives, in one way or another.

    The Christian thing their church could have done would be to request that all charges be dropped.

    That would have been a great act and would bring the church a better reputation as a spiritual, Christ following institution rather than a political one.

  • freddie

    The European Court of Human Rights already ruled on this and they ruled in the gays’ favour. And the Russians simply ignored them. Sure, they paid the fines but they didn’t implement the ruling. Russia is a lost cause anyway. It has a rapidly shrinking population, epidemics of alcoholism and HIV infections, growing Islamist troubles in the South Caucasus and an economy based on finite resources.


    @Kev C: What you like to City of Moscow, to do? post all kind of fucking Christian shit in the street! are you fucking crazy? like we don`t have enough of your bloody Christian in the world..

  • Kev C

    @KARUADAM: Where did I say Christian? I said PRO-GAY PROPAGANDA. That’s what Moscow needs.

  • sheena

    putin just hates gays…what an asshole

  • Marie

    Actually queerty it’s LGBT pride not “gay” pride.

  • Billysees

    @freddie: Re 5

    We Americans enjoy one of the world’s most mature cultures or civilizations.

    Therefore, we must do all that we can to prod other nations and cultures to always “do better” than what they’re currently doing.

    We do that to ourselves.

    That’s why we are a “very great” role model in this world.

    Russia needs help with their problems from inside and outside.

    There are no lost causes.

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