Moscow Official Will Not Get Drunk on Gay Love

Maybe Tim Hardaway should move to Russia. He’d probably make loads of friends. He can start with Moscow’s international relations director, Georgy Muradov, who insists that his city will never allow a gay pride. Moscow’s currently fighting in the EU’s human rights court for its right to restrict registered homosexual events.

Defending his stance, Muradov claimed that queers conflict with the nation’s dominant culture. He also intimated that homosexuality’s akin to alcoholism and can be blamed for Russia’s high mortality rates. Reacting to Sweden’s reaction to his reaction to gays, Muradov said:

As you know, the sale of alcohol is restricted in many Scandinavian countries. Why not pose the question of removing the limits on alcohol in these countries, of holding a ‘parade of alcoholics’ in Sweden? They would answer: “No, it’s bad for one’s health, it affects society’s morals”.

As you guys may know, Russia’s got a little alcohol problem of their own. Maybe Muradov should consider helping his hooch-loving country men, rather than taking on the cock-loving homos.

Muradov’s comments come one day after conservative politician Nikolay Kuryanovich put forth a bill that will effectively prohibit homosexuality. Luckily, most politicians have said they won’t endorse the bill. Just last week the government pledged its support to gay’s right to assemble. Even if Moscow pride wins its case in European Court of Human Rights, no doubt there will be loads of opposition. But, of course, it’s better than being in the army.