Moscow Queers Defy Authorities, Vow to Hold Pride Rally

Here comes Moscow Pride, and it’s going to be a doozy. Mark it on your calendars: Saturday, May 28, 12 noon. (That’s 4am New York time.)

For the last few years, the event has careened from bloody riots to a spy-novel subterfuge. The city repeatedly refused to permit Pride rallies and arrested participants.

And then, last year, there was a victory — or so we thought. The European Union ruled that the city was required to allow Pride to go on. But Moscow has again refused, claiming that it’s simply too dangerous.

So now, activists like Andy Thayer are doing what Moscow authorities are too scared to do: they’re holding their rally come hell or high water.

Thayer’s in Moscow right now, prepping for the event. “The Russian authorities have the power to provide security for innumerable visiting heads of state, including President Obama, but not their own citizens when they avail themselves of a basic right guaranteed by the Russian Constitution,” he said.

So, what’s going to happen? It’s anyone’s guess, but revolutions are often messy. Follow Andy on Twitter for updates.