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Most Guys Sticking Metal Rods Through Their Penises Are Neither Gay Nor Stupid

Researchers at Texas Tech University looking into just what type of man enjoys either a Prince Albert or ampallang piercing found their average candidate wasn’t a goth’d out sex-crazed homo, but on average is “31 years old, white, heterosexual, college educated and earned more than $36,000 per year.” The study of “445 men from 42 states and 26 countries” reveals 82 percent of men with genital piercings are straight; 56 percent earn more than $45k/year; 74 percent had at least some college education; and 89 percent are white. Meanwhile, one hundred percent have an abnormal tolerance for pain.

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  • Enron

    Personally, I don’t get it, and even if you love pain, the long term effects are likely damaging. I saw some pictures of Samuel Colt Gay Porn star sticking a rod into the urethra of his organ. Considering how sensitive a mans tool is already, why in heavens name would I would I want to do something like that? Its not producing the tingly tickle sensation when you do something like that.

    Sometimes, I believe that persons who do things like that to their body are just trying compensate for something missing in their lives.

  • EdWoody

    My boyfriend surprised me once by getting a PA while he was away on a business trip. When it put me in the hospital bleeding from the ass, it didn’t stay long after that.

  • Sug Night


  • pete

    I had to go lay down after reading this article……


    One of my FBs who once upon a time had one of the most perfect p e n i s es you ever saw had the not so bright idea to get all pricne albert down there. The piercer advised six months wait prior to any kind of sex. Rich did not wait and wound up with an infection that raged for months. Surgeons had to remove a section of his cock because they could not supress the infection.

    He wound up with a one proud perfect p e n i s looking like it went through a black and decker pecker wrecker……

  • Devon

    But why?

  • adam

    They may not be stupid, but what they got is absolutely moronic.

  • from experience

    I am really not surprised it was mostly straight guys getting these piercings. They seem to be under this strange impression that women have no feeling down there unless you’re practically mangling them.

  • Freddie

    “Samuel Colt Gay Porn star sticking a rod into the urethra of his organ.” “…trying to compensate for something missing in their lives.”

    In ‘Samuel Colt’ (aka the evil Brandon Clark)’s case, the missing thing would be a soul and a conscience.

    As for others, who turn their dicks into can openers; whatever, Mary. Just don’t expect a man who values his teeth to suck you.

  • biguy

    @from experience: What a stupid fucking comment, couched in bigotry as a bonus.

    PA’s are great because they stimulate the inside of your urethra while you’re fucking. It makes fucking with a condom much better. Those that experience discomfort are probably wearing jewelry that is too thin (think wire cheesecutter). Studios will do 12 gauge PAs but they really shouldn’t. Jewelry should be at least 8 gauge. Wearing a curved barbell instead of a circular one also greatly reduces the risk of it catching somewhere it shouldn’t.

  • N

    i fit all of those except the straight part. it didnt hurt one bit. the skin it goes through is less then a millimeter thick. hurt less then my ears. the healing is a bit painful thought. most guys get turned on by it when i pull it out. it is removable at any time ie, i pull my wang out. then guy isnt into it, unscrew the ball and pull it out and keep it moving. but, once i top a guy with it they are pretty much hooked. they say it hits different spots, and yes a curved barbell is the way to go. bigger then 6g thought.

  • Dickie

    I LOVE guys with PA’s. I find them to be really hot. I fooled around with a couple guys in my college career with PA’s, but my husband refuses to get one (can’t blame him, I do too… I just think they’re hot on other guys)… but I wonder how many of those guys in college now straight identify… hmmmm

  • David

    Why get pierced? Good question. It’s got lots of novelty value. It makes kissing more interesting.

    After I had my “Viper” (two barbells in my tongue) for the first year, I considered a PA. Never got around to it, though. Didn’t really want to give up sex for as long as it took — they even discouraged erections.

    I showed my viper to my next door neighbor (a 77 year old retired guy) and he freaked out, wouldn’t talk to me for 6 months, lol.

    I took them out for cleaning one time, and had them out for no more than 10 minutes, and danged if my tongue hadn’t closed up in that short time. Couldn’t get them back in.
    Didn’t want to go through the hassle to get re-pierced, so that was that. Lots of swelling, a couple weeks of cold liquids, not much fun. And when they put the needle through your tongue, well, imagine what it would feel like if a freight train ran through your tongue. That is exactly what it feels like. Not exactly pain, not exactly pleasure. Just a sensation of OMG!

    I’m glad I did it, but I probably wouldn’t do it again. Of course, that’s true of lots of things . . .

  • Surfy

    “…danged if my tongue hadn’t closed up in that short time.”

    That’s your body healing itself from your stupid asinine self-mutilating fashion statement.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    What’s up with all the wiener whiners? How about, to each, his own. What fucking business is it to anyone what the private decisions one makes about their own body?

    As Glen Beck recently quoted Thomas Jefferson in Beck’s newly found support for marriage-equality (and that was a HUGE fucking surprise): Jefferson: If it (ie, a PA) neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, what difference is it to me?”

    And to this mostly bottom boy, each and every experience I have had with a man with a PA was hot as hell. One sign of a top/verse man with a PA is that they love using their PA’d meat. Careful attention needed during oral so not to crack a tooth; my BF had an acrylic one to slip in for oral fun.

    Variety is a wonderful sex spice; enjoy them all from clean cut Brooks Brothers to wild truckers, yummy all the way!

  • Fitz

    There are a lot of people who will do a lot of things just to feel SOMETHING in their disconnected and dissociated lives. There are so many people who seem so hooked on creating some kind of response– I guess to each his own.. but I personally love my body, my husband’s body, and our ability to connect as people.

  • David

    @Fitz: Cool.
    As they say, Some people are happy at home, other people have a restless desire to explore.
    No reason why everyone can’t indulge their proclivities.

  • Jeremy

    My balls got really hurt after reading all of these “needles pierce through the penises” posts….

  • Philip A.

    “Are Neither Gay Nor Stupid”??? ->Strange E. usage!

  • greenmanTN

    I’ve only run into a couple of genital piercings outside of porn. Based on what I *have* seen, it seems to me that it’s only when dicks stop being fully functional on their own that men start decorating them with baubles and beads like a Christmas tree.

    Never mind me though because I’m even afraid of cock-rings. Maybe I’m paranoid but I don’t want to end up with useless-bright-red-potato-dick syndrome, which seems to be a common side-effect.

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