Most Talked About Model Interviews Of 2013

In the past year, Queerty posted interviews from many models from different walks of life. Based on popularity, here are some of the most obsessed over model interviews of the year.

Check out shighlights below.

5) Jon Varak



Jon on Growing Up: “Back in middle school and high school, I was not a popular kid. I was pretty much a loser,” he said. “I was super skinny and pale. I had acne all over my face. It was really hard. I didn’t have a lot of friends. I would seclude myself. The only time I would leave my room is when I had to go to school or eat dinner. Otherwise, I would stay by myself. I wasn’t out in high school and middle school, but it didn’t stop the popular guys from bullying me and calling me names. I guess they all knew,” he continued. “It’s pretty funny because, a lot of times, the kids who get picked on go on to achieve great things and achieve their goals. Back in high school, I said I was interested in modeling. The other kids would say I would never be able to model. I can’t model. That I was ugly. It sucked. It hurt. But, now, I’m here. I’m doing it.”


4) Noah Wright


Noah on Pride: “Gay pride is important. I’ve been through a lot. I lived in West Virginia. It feels like we are a little behind the times. Being gay is definitely not something you flaunt around in this area. It’s very religious here. I’ve been in relationships with girls. I feel like I can finally express who I am and who I want to be and not have to look back and be afraid, thinking about what people are going to think of me or what’s my family going to think. I have a lot of pride in myself, being the person I want to be and being the person I should be. Not being someone else.”


4) Steven Dehler



Steven on Growing Up: “I used to play on the monkey bars with the girls. We would do tricks, spin, and twirl. I would come to find out that some of the kids would call me Steven “Gay”ler behind my back because of it. They’d pick on me. In High School, I was introverted and shy. I wore baggy clothes because I was underweight. I was six foot and 140 lbs. I also had a pimply chin. It wasn’t until I hit my early twenties that I got comfortable with myself. Now, I swing around on bars, work less hours, and get paid more than the people that bullied me back then for something I liked to do. I want people to know it gets better. It takes time. You just have to be strong in your self.”


2) Mike Stalker


Mike on his underwear campaign: “To see about 50 posters of myself around NYC, the biggest and greatest city in the world, is crazy. It’s cool when I get a text or message from someone saying they just passed a couple of posters of me walking down 6th or 7th Ave in NYC. I think modeling gives me another opportunity to do something unique, and do something that is rewarding. I understand that very, very few people in the world could say that they have modeled for great campaigns or they had posters and billboards of themselves in major cities, so I think it is a very cool opportunity that I have right now. I am just riding the wave for now, and seeing where it could bring me in life. I am still young and I’d be ignorant if I didn’t take the chance.”


1) Alex Minksy



Alex on facing alcoholism: “I got in trouble. I broke the law. I got in trouble and the courts got me sober. I was sober for 50 days when the fog had lifted enough– and it’s not completely lifted, it’s a process—but it lifted some and I realized, ‘Holy guacamole, I’m a piece of crap and I need to stop doing this. This is bad,’ he said. ‘I’ve been sober ever since. One day at a time. I’m not going to lie and say everything is peaches and cream all the time, because it’s not. It’s life. Everything is not peaches and cream all the time. The only difference is I don’t have alcohol to cover up anymore. I don’t have that coping device. I’m left to handle shit head on. Face first. “I’m still early in recovery, but it feels so good getting clean and staying sober. I was like, ‘Holy guacamole!’ I was feeling the love coming, and my modeling started picking up in the same time frame. Three, four months sober and everything just seemed like it was happening. I was happy with where I was.”

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