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‘Mostly straight’ guy thinks he might be falling for his roommate during quarantine

A “mostly straight” guy thinks he might be falling for his roommate after the two have been stuck together in their apartment during quarantine for weeks.

The anonymous 21-year-old writes about his unique situation on Reddit, referring to his roommate with the pseudonym “Jake.”

“Jake’s a pretty casually physically affectionate guy in general,” he writes. “Huge hugger, will casually put his arm around me (or any of his mates) when we’re sitting side by side, I think we all know the sort of thing I mean.”

The man says he’s not usually much of a hugger but he’s OK with Jake doing it because “we all need a hug sometimes, right?” Especially during stressful times like these.

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The man goes on to explain that he suffers from an unusual fatigue disorder and must take frequent naps throughout the day.

“Our living room can get pretty cold, so if I fall asleep without a blanket, he’ll pop one over me so I don’t freeze,” he writes.

“It started out being just that; I’d fall asleep without a blanket and wake up with one. Then, a couple of times, I woke up and he was sitting up the top of the couch and he was just casually playing with my hair which I… actually really love more than I thought I ever would, very soothing.”

He continues, “Then, about a week ago, I guess he thought I was asleep before I was because he tucked a blanket over me and then gave me a lil’ kiss on my forehead… And I liked it. Like I really liked it.”

The man says he’s started pretending to fall asleep just so Jake will tuck him in and give him a kiss.

“He sometimes strokes my cheek or my hair a little bit too which, oh my God, that’s even better,” he writes. “I’d really kinda be okay with it/like it if he started giving me these lil forehead kisses while I’m awake too.”

“I consider myself mostly straight, not too sure how he identifies but as far as I’m aware he’s been with both men and women in about equal numbers.”

Now he wonders: “How do I approach him about this without it being weird?”

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In just three days, the post has already received over 1,300 comments.

“A literal pandemic is revealing hidden truths for people and I’m so here for it,” one person writes.

“Where do we download the next chapter?!?!” another asks.

A lot of people are encouraging the man to be open to exploring his sexuality.

“The cool thing about sexuality is that it is so flexible in the sense that you set the definitions and terminology for yourself,” one person suggests.

“No need to feel the pressure of putting any label on yourself, there are plenty of people who would be considered by society ‘bisexual’ but don’t personally identify as such,” another adds.

But not everyone found the story quite so heartwarming.

“Normal adults don’t go for kisses while someone is asleep with someone they aren’t in a relationship with, where that is confirmed to be OK,” one person noted.

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