Mother Claims Son Is Innocent Because “Gay People Don’t Shoot Kids”

mom-gays-don't-shootToday in gay-stereotypes-we’ve-never-heard-of: Gay people do not shoot people, apparently.

As highlighted by Gawker, the mother of an suspected shooter has come to the defense of her child saying that he couldn’t possibly have been the perpetrator of a shooting in the Wilkes-Barre apartment complex in Brooklyn, New York because “gay people don’t shoot kids.”

After a domestic dispute in late August lead to gun violence (leaving two children critically injured), investigations were launched as to the nature of the shoot-out. Numerous people were brought in for questioning, some of whom were involved with a nearby fight that may or may not have been related.

Now, one of the mother’s of the men in question claims, quite succinctly, that, “My son is innocent; he’s gay. Gay people don’t shoot kids. Certain men don’t shoot kids.” This lead one commenter on the site to retort: “We actually do shoot people, but with catty insults instead of bullets.”

We are not implying that her son committed any kind of violence, and it is certainly nice that this woman has such a positive view of gay people, but somehow this “stereotype” does not ring true to us.

And it certainly begs the question: will this be a new defense that can hold up in court? “Your honor, there’s no way I could’ve shot that man. I’m gay — look it up. I did, however, read him to death.”