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Mother Ellen Sits Lindsay Down for Some Lez-on-Lez Advice

Everyone, listen up: Sometimes-dyke Lindsay Lohan is going to explain this whole tabloid and Internet phenomenon! Yesterday’s taped interview for Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show (which airs today) brings together two of the most powerful lesbians to discuss what it’s like to to be famous and dating. Hint: It’s hard! Even harder: breaking up — especially, as Lindsay mentions, when you don’t even know you’re breaking up. Yeah … that’s gotta suck. (via PITNB)

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  • rogue dandelion

    to steal from a famous youtuber

  • ChristopherM

    Did she explain what it is like to be famous, mentally unbalanced, and a coke whore while dating? Because that would be interesting.

  • AlwaysGay

    Lindsay needs help.

  • NickL

    US Tabloids in the last few years has pretty much caught up to the Brit rags that we get in the UK, in terms of utter and obscenely fictional coverage. Maybe it is as Lindsay was probably coached to say, the whole tabloid and internet phenom.

    For years, British tabloids have been about 50% complete fiction, and 50% regurgitated content (bought from other magazines) with selective omissions to try to twist the story.

    I’m not a Lindsay fan, but I don’t think she’s even a quarter as interesting as the stories.

  • Alec

    I love watching the tabloids enable self-destructive behavior on the part of young stars with screwed up family backgrounds. I mean, what could be more interesting than that?

    Apart from virtually anything and everything, that is.

  • Geoff

    I just feel sorry for the kid. Hope she gets her act together.

  • BradK

    “…brings together two of the most powerful lesbians…”

    LOLZ. Since when is this coke whore a “powerful lesbian”?

  • Vada

    Hot mess!

  • Oaklander

    I am just overwhelmed with sadness. It’s like watching a puppy in the street that you know is about to get run over, and not being able to get to it.

  • CitizenGeek

    I really like Lindsay Lohan – don’t understand all the hate at all. I think everyone is just faaaar too cynical nowadays.

  • Celo

    She’s so thin. She should have a pork sandwich.

  • NewYorkness

    She needs an older more stable lover like Ellen or Jodie.

  • Kyle

    she’s a mess and she is no longer a kid. she is an adult. she needs to get her act together.

  • jj

    Unless you’re a celebrity who started out as a child celebrity who has a mother who “parties” with you and a father who lives off you like a leach, you can’t understand this girl. This vid gives me all kinds of sads. She needs to get a little apartment, a whole lot of food and an enrollment to a series of acting classes and begin her life again by herself.

  • alejandro

    i love lindsay and dont think she’s crazy or diserves all the hate that she gets. but god she’s so thin :( i jus wish she could take care of herself better, and i hope she does. im rooting for her.

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