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Mother Gives Birth To Her Gay Son’s Baby Boy

With her son’s sperm and a donor egg, the 50-year-old mother of 31-year-old gay Mexican man Jorge, a single businessman, gave birth to her own grandson Dario. The boy, born Nov. 1, is the woman’s first grandson — and she says she’d like to get pregnant again. “I don’t feel like a mother nor like a grandmother,” she told a newspaper. “When they say ‘mother’ to me I feel strange, and when they say ‘grandmother’ also. I mean, he was my first grandson, and I don’t feel that way because at the same time he is my fourth son.” See? Gays don’t even have to be married to procreate.

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  • Red Meat

    There is something wonderful and horrific about this at the same time. It’s probably just my social shortcomings.

  • Carl

    Um……, wow!

  • Devon

    Wow. Creepy.

  • Max

    Substitute motherhood needs to be resolved. The interdiction is an infringement of the gay-rights.

  • tjr101

    I’m sorry, but this is very disturbing!

  • Brutus

    Something about this just seems…not right.

  • Bob

    I think I just threw-up a little in my mouth!

  • Tylertime


  • Nathan

    Hope it makes them happy, who am I to argue with what two consenting adults get up to? This is no skin off my nose, nor anyone else.

  • TedinCalifornia

    She was the only possible surrogate? Seriously? There has to be some boundaries, people. Social shortcomings my ass. There is something twisted about this. There should be some sort of rule for how close, biologically, as surogate can be to the potential parents. If she were to decide to keep the baby, via a “right by birth” to motherhood, as can happen in some places, would it be an incestuous baby? No kid needs that. And for once, let’s think of the kids.

  • Pygar

    Well, I’m glad a lot of other guys besides me are freaked out about this. I guess my reaction is closest to Brutus’.
    (Just wonder what Freud or Lacan would make of this!)

  • Jeff K.

    From a rational standpoint, it doesn’t seem very deviant. They didn’t use her egg; all she did was carry and give birth. It’s not like the baby’s inbred or anything.

  • afrolito

    He couldn’t find another woman to carry his child? This is all kinds of weird.

  • familyguy

    It’s not creepy or deviant in any way. Grandma’s uterus was the “oven” in which the already fertilized embryo “baked” for nine months. It’s an incredible act of generosity on behalf of the gay man’s mother, and the baby will grow up surrounded by love. Grandma is grandma, not mama.

    Those of you who are “creeped out”: Grow up.

  • mulletkitty

    Tokology lesson 1: They implanted someone else’s egg, all you freaked-out commenters. She is not pregnant by her son. It’s gotta be hard to find a surrogate, and on top of that, someone you can entrust to be safe and live healthy with your fertilized egg. Go grandma!

  • Blake

    Ugh, so gross!

  • zacht

    how can you say it is so weird and gross and creepy and wrong? that is what dissenters say about gay people and gay sex and gay marriage. i think we have to accept this as something different but not necessarily bad. who are we to say it is wrong? what works for some doesnt for others.

  • Chitown Kev


  • Eugene

    i’m appalled at the reactions here and completely agree with zacht. creepy? not right? gross? “there have to be some boundaries, people?” and is it up to us to draw those boundaries? are we to decide what’s “normal” or not? judging others is an ugly, ugly thing.

  • GG

    What the hell is the problem with you all???

    In what term it would be better if the surrogate mother was a friend, a neighbour or a complete stranger?? I don’t understand your view point at all..

    Two lesbians obviously don’t normally need a surrogate mother but two gay man… well obviously yes… what is the problem with that? You want them to wait for the artificial womb to be invented?

  • michiko

    Of course we all set up the boundaries of what’s normal–otherwise we could fuck dogs and kill babies in the street. If you dont think this is weird, that’s fine. But don’t pretend you guys don’t make value judgments. You’d be totally grossed out if it was grandma’s egg they were using.

    I personally have a problem with this, though I suppose its their right to do it. I worry that the adult roles in the child’s life will be confused. And what if the grandmother starts feeling like she has a right to make decision about “her” baby’s life–especially since the father is her son.

  • Eugene

    @michiko: Ridiculous comparisons. While it’s true that we all live according to certain social norms, killing and bestiality is all you could come up with, really? In this article, it’s a question of two consenting adults agreeing to do something that might seem “weird” or “creepy” to us. CONSENT is a key word. Babies don’t agree to be murdered, nor do dogs consent to sex.

  • hf2hvit


    I think somebody’s penis just threw up a little in mine!

  • JadeLycra

    So.. is it still considered incest?

  • Hilarious

    I’m not seeing what the problem is. Those of you saying this is sick sound really uneducated.

  • peteNsfo

    I think it’s absolutely wonderful… what a great way to take the worry out of the surrogacy…

    All you naysayers… do you have a good relationship with your parents? I don’t think there’s anything that has ever brought my folks such joy as their grandkids!

    Seriously- that’s the best you’ve got? Dragging down another person’s determination to create happiness in their lives.

    Thank goodness you’re just some bunch’a turds on the internet. lol

  • Carr


    She doesn’t have any right at all over the child.
    Her son, the father, is an adult and she is not technically the mother, she only carried it.

    Anyway, I agree that this weirds me out but there’s no valid argument against this. The main issues with incest are those of abuse and the high risk of genetic disorders.
    It’s not abuse since they’re both adults, and there’s no increased risk of genetic disorders as it’s not the mother’s egg. And I don’t even think this qualifies as incest… but that’s essentially the cause of all the disgust this story is garnering so…

    Eh, it’s discomfiting but we can’t really judge someone different when we expect the straight majority to not judge us.

  • afrolito

    Did any of you morons supporting this, actually read what grandma said? She doesn’t feel like the grandmother, since at the same time the baby is her ‘fourth son’.

    Sounds like they didn’t work out all the kinks before conception.

  • Anthony in Nashville

    This is nasty!

    Is the kid supposed to call her mom or grandma?

    Does the father refer to the child as son or brother?

    Poor planning all around. There had to have been other options.

  • Hilarious

    @afrolito: We’re not morons. The egg was DONATED by a FRIEND. His mother is NOT the mother of the child.

    A little reading comprehension goes a long way.

  • afrolito


    I did read it. Did you?? I know she’s not the mother of the child, but, she’s the one who sees the child as her ‘fourth son’. This shit is weird, no matter how you spin it.

    Since the friend donated the egg, why couldn’t she carry the child?? I guess she didn’t want stretch marks??

  • NavyMike

    Ah yes, the egg was donated by a friend, but it was also the son’s sperm that was used and placed in his own mom. So yeah, creepy factor.

    And for the record peteNsfo, the joy of being a grandparent is witnessing your own child bringing their baby into the world, whether it be natural, in vitro or adoption. It’s not expecting your parents to do that for you!

  • counterpoll

    The son’s sperm did NOT enter his mother. The egg would have had to be fertilized in vitro.

    I can’t find any other online references to this method being used elsewhere, but, perhaps others who have followed this arrangement may not have gone public.
    I do not believe a US reproductive endocrinologist or ob/gyn. would be willing to run the legal risks or ethical issues raised by participating in such a plan. This may be a story wherein the details emerge over time. Every tabloid will be sensationalising it, so I hope a more thoughtful discussion will ensue once the air clears a bit.

  • nerd81

    @familyguy: I agree… it is simple biology.

  • CJ Maciejeski

    @JadeLycra: incest is sexual contact between relatives. The egg is from a (presumably unrelated) donor, was artificially fertilized, and implanted into the uterus of his mother. Seriously…maybe learn what words mean?

  • CJ Maciejeski

    @NavyMike: I’m petty sure you don’t understand how embryo implantation works.

  • doodley doo

    “I’m my own grandpa!”

  • Stephen

    I agree that this is something wonderful!
    We should all just stop for a moment and celebrate this novel method of expanding one’s family.
    Kudos all around!

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