Mother Implores Palin: Love The Gays

Maria Triveri, the mother of a gay son, recently wrote an open letter to Republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin in which she urges the politico to have a softer heart for the homos:

I cried for my son when he told me. I didn’t cry because he was gay, but because I knew what he was in for-the slurs, the ignorance, the hatred that he would have to endure. I laugh when I hear people say it is choice. A choice? What does someone do, just wake up and say, “Oh, I guess I’ll be gay today.” Why would someone choose to be gay when there are so many mean-spirited, evil people out there who hate them and seem to think they could change them?

So this letter goes out to Sarah Palin’s church, and churches like hers that think you could change my son and other gay people. You want to pray for my son because he’s gay? Bless you for wanting to pray for my son. Prayers are good; I say them every day. However, he doesn’t need your prayers because he’s gay, he doesn’t have an illness nor is he abnormal, nor is he not loved in the eyes of my Lord.

If you want to pray, why don’t your followers pray that the Lord blesses them with an open heart, tolerance, kindness and understanding? Why don’t they ask the Lord to pray for all who are different to keep them safe and loved? That’s what a true Christian would do.

Mama Triveri also discusses how her son looked to join the military after the September 11 terrorist attacks. She feared for him not simply because war can kill, but because of the army’s prohibitions on openly gay soldiers. Writes Triveri, “…No parent should have to worry that their child is going to be beaten or killed because of his sexual orientation. If you’re gay, you’re a sitting target. It is open season to make fun of them, ridicule them, or be disgusted by them.” Word.