Mother Martha Wash “Gets Her Coins” With New Boy Band, Puberty’s Child

Just in time for the hot summer weather and our annual Song of the Summer roundup, a new boy band is breaking into the business with some hot new hits.

Flamboyant comedians Mike Diamond and Greg Scarnici, best described as drag queens out of drag, are donning feathered wigs and matching outfits in a new Behind-the-Music-esque parody for the Above Average Network, and we’re already fangirling harder than these emotional One Direction Fans. “Boy Bandits: The Rise and Fall of Puberty’s Child” includes original hits like “Texting Through My Tears,” “Instagram My Heart,” and Martha Wash reciting the greatest sentence ever penned: “Honey, I’ve been down this road before, but I always get my coins.”

We don’t know about Puberty’s Child, but if someone wrote a catchy jingle for that Martha Wash line, it could probably top the Billboard Dance charts (or at least be our new text tone).

[h/t: YouTube]