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Mother’s Day for Gays: Yay or Nay?

Seems like it was just yesterday that Obama caused Anita Bryant clutch at her pearls in horror by issuing a Mother’s Day proclamation that recognized gay moms.

Well, actually, it was a year ago. And now it’s time once again to turn to the mom in your life and say, “hey, thanks for letting me crash at your place.” After all, she’s the one who made you gay (though whether it was with genes or by being withholding we’ll never know).

Yes, yes, of course Mother’s Day is just a made-up holiday. But so is Christmas. Besides, you don’t need an excuse to call your mom. The question is, what are you going to get her?

Fortunately, Autostraddle has a fabulous roundup of some excellent mom-gifts, from the book by Ellen’s mom to Wanda Sykes‘ “Ima Be Me” to a Rachel Maddow Mug. And Feast of Fun touches on moms in their recent interview with Peaches Christ, in which Peaches recommends a few films about motherhood. Among them: the Alien franchise.

Obama’s proclamation this year was a bit more muted when it came to lesbians: “Whether an adoptive mom or grandmother, mother or partner, the women who raise us show us that no hurdle is too high, and no dream is beyond our reach. As sons and daughters, we show our gratitude for the women in our lives who care for us, shape our values, and set us on the path to a limitless future.” he wrote. Still, not a bad sentiment.

So, Queerty readers, how do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Or do you even celebrate at all?