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Move over, Lauren Boebert! Colorado might send another LGBTQ-hating, QAnon nutjob to Congress!


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First Lauren Boebert, now this guy?!

Meet Erik Aadland. He’s the Republican nominee currently running for U.S. House to represent Colorado’s 7th Congressional District and he just nabbed two major endorsements… from two of the biggest right-wing extremists in his state.

Retired U.S. Army major general and QAnon conspiracy theorist Paul Vallely and former anti-LGBTQ state congressman Tom Tancredo have both thrown their support behind the 42-year-old father of three.

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Last month, The Colorado Times Recorder revealed Aadland’s connection to several far-right and QAnon social media accounts on Parler, so his recent endorsements from these two nutjobs is no surprise and just another reminder of Aadland’s fringe beliefs.

On his campaign website, Aadland, who believes the 2020 presidential election was “absolutely rigged” and has likened January 6 insurrectionists to “political prisoners”, claims his time serving in the military taught him the value of diversity, writing:

I am blessed to have worked with multicultural teams all over the world in both my military and private sector careers. That is why I understand the benefit of contributions from people with many different perspectives and backgrounds. I will stand against discrimination of any kind. I know that all human beings possess the same intrinsic value, dignity, and potential. For me, it is all about the “content of one’s character.”

But in an April 2022 interview with the All Ears podcast, he indicated that his deep respect and appreciation for different types of people doesn’t extend to the LGBTQ community. Aadland attacked queer people, parroting wild conspiracies and labeling gay people as dangerous perverts who want to “sexualize” children.

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And during a Q&A in June 2022, he said he hopes to see Obergefell v. Hodges overturned and same-sex marriage to become a states issues again, stating: “I want the federal government out of marriage … Marriage is a pact between two people. So yes, I would restore that to the states and get the federal government out of it.”

According to his profile, Aadland “strongly disagrees” that sexual orientation and gender identity should be protected classes in non-discrimination laws, and he thinks religious liberty is at risk in the United States and deserves the highest level of protection in the law.

He will face off against Democrat and current Colorado State Senator Brittany Pettersen in November. While Pettersen is favored to win the election, she is by no means a shoo-in. A recent Republican-led poll found she and Aadland were just two points apart.

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