Move Over, Facebook: Lady Gaga, Michael Lucas Launch Social-Networking Sites

We’re sure it’s just a coinky-dink but both Lady Gaga and Michael Lucas have launched branded social-media networks this week. Gaga’s site, Little Monsters (right) is a mash-up of Facebook, Pinterest, tumblr and other networks. Users can share stories, poems, memes and photos—and “like” (paws up) or “dislike” (paws down)  other posts.

Russian porn impresario Lucas’ site, Lucas Community (below), is more an extension of his x-rated website—giving users the option to list their fantasy fuck, talk dirty with other members and comment on scenes and models.

Another difference: Little Monsters is free, while Lucas Community requires members to get a subscription to Lucas’ porn site (not a bad trade-off, actually).

You gotta wonder how much overlap there will be between these two communities.