Move Over Katie – Rachel Maddow Is the New News Poster Gal

Katie Couric has done an ample job of resuscitating her reputation.

Once the piñata of television news — everyone got a turn beating her, and she had to hang there and take it — she’s quickly rebranded herself as respected journalist and, before that, got a reprieve from media critics bashing her when Keith Olbermann took some of the heat away.

But as Couric exits the stage, temporarily, it’s no longer Olbermann who’s filling the void of short-lived attention spans by media critics. It is, actually, another woman.

Her name is Rachel Maddow, and the industry freakin’ loves her.


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  • retrofit71

    i was watching her last night, and she reports well, however it’s slightly disarming the way the sports the low cut blazer with seemingly no blouse on and the short dyky hair.

  • ChristopherM

    Yes, because that is what really matters on a journalist, Retro. Sheesh.

  • Alexa

    Jesus. That’s the kind of comment I’d expect on a clueless straight blog, not here.

  • M&M

    Keith Olbermann is disgusting! Big egomaniac!
    Rachel Maddow is just another dyke with a power suit. Nothing is special about her. Her popularity will go away soon.

  • retrofit71

    hey, i’m all about dykes, i’m just sayin she needs to be STYLED better, I am a big Mo, ya know..

  • reversion

    Ugh. She usually talks to people on her show who agree with her to give liberally-minded viewers comfort that others share their views…

    She should be more like Campbell Brown, the only news anchor on television with any balls.

  • CitizenGeek

    I really like Rachel Maddow and her new show. I also like Katie Couric a lot. And Campbell Brown. Hurrah for female newscasters!

  • Deb

    She sucks.

  • Bill

    Rachel is great, try and get the show when she ripped “Morning Joe” right off the stage. I’m just a 72 year old gorilla in the room, and I will take her over the tele-prompta media any day of the week. MSNBC would do thier viewers a service to move her up to the 6-8 time frame.

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