Dancing queen

Mr. Gay India’s bellydancing skills are on point


Anwesh Sahoo nabbed the coveted title of Mr. Gay India earlier this year in part due to his mad belly dancing skills. Now, a video of him showing off those moves at the Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival have been making its rounds on social media.

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After winning the title back in January, Sahoo published an op-ed titled Ugly Enough to be Mr. Gay World India : The Online Bullying and Abuse That I Faced from the Gay Community After Being Crowned Mr. Gay India about the treatment he suffered during and after the pageant, including being called “too ugly” and “too dark” to represent India.

“We live in a world today where body-image issues make up a huge part of our life, unfortunately,” he wrote.  “He made me beautiful. He made you beautiful. I am beautiful.”

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As Sahoo prepares to relinquish his crown and sash to the next Mr. Gay India next month, he posted this video to his official Facebook page…