Mr. Gay Namibia Speaks About Brutal Mugging That Sent Him To Hospital

l personally would like to inform you that l am ok and fit to face [the world]. This kind of violence in various forms occurs to persons from different walks of life in my country.

The relevance of this incident may have a connotation to my title; perhaps they thought I had heaps of ‘prize money’ in my pockets. Likely it was my sexual orientation that made me a target—even my political support that angered them. Or perhaps, and most likely, it was just plain and simply out of greed…

I love my friends and I feel like a genuinely good person through and through who always has a smile on his lips. I don’t take myself too seriously and I am open, which makes people feel secure around me.

We’re all different. I feel it is important to live one’s own life and not through others. So as you can tell, I am a proud young gay Namibian man!”

—Wendelius Hamutenya, discussing being mugged and hospitalized last week after being crowned the firs-ever Mr. Gay Namibia, on Facebook