Fmr. Mr. Gay UK A Murderous Cannibal?

Some gays can just go so bad. Take, for example, inaugural Mr. Gay UK Anthony Morley, who’s accused of murdering and possibly eating 33-year old Damian Oldfield (pictured), whose body police discovered in Morley’s house last week. And it wasn’t a pretty picture:

When police discovered the body of Damian Oldfield, 33, at a terraced house in Harehills, Leeds, they are said to have found part of his right leg had been carved up and the flesh diced and cooked on a kitchen worktop. It is thought tests showed the flesh was human.

A police source told a newspaper: “It appears it was being prepared for cooking.”

Coppers were reportedly tipped off when Morley – who won the gay award back in 1993 – went down to his local shop, covered in blood, wearing slippers and a white night gown.

This wild scenario would be B-movie amusing if it weren’t so fucking distressing, scary and downright revolting. And, sadly, real.