Mr. Gay World 2013 Is En Pointe

South African native turned New Zealand dancer and fitness instructor Chris Olwage grand jeté‘d his way to the title of Mr. Gay World 2013, held in Antwerp.

“I’m feeling amazing,” Olwage, 27, told Daily News after snatching the crown sash.“The abject fear of what I’ve just taken on is becoming quite apparent.”

No stranger to pageantry, Olwage competed on New Zealand’s Got Talent, where he gave Natalie Portman a run for her Oscar-winning money in pointe shoes and nothing but a tutu and some dramatic nipple shields. For Mr. Gay World, however, he went for a more subtle routine, which still left last year’s winner, and fellow kiwi, Andreas Derleth clutching his hypermasculine pearls.

“He’s done very, very well,” Derleth said. “He won three challenges; the swimwear, the art project and national costume – he carried that one out very well. It was a Maori-inspired outfit and he threw in some dancing and a bit of haka moves. It was impressive, it was amazing.”

Olwage is taking his title as Mr. Gay World seriously, calling it another milestone “as a self-aware member of the LGBT community.” He hopes to use his new platform to “achieve greater awareness of the issues that surround our community, aid the support of emerging queer youth in schools” and to work closer with the New Zealand AIDS Foundation.

We’re praying that somehow involves him doing this a lot:


Check out some more photos of Mr. Gay World 2013 Chris Olwage below and, if you haven, check out his Firebird performance from NZGT above.

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  • Tackle

    When I see that pic of him at the top with the blue shorts on my lower head thinks my hott that that would be to see him do that in a jock-strap. Now my upper head. This guy is so talented and that routine was amazing. I read that it can take the average ballet dancer three yrs to learn to dance En Pointe. He looks so graceful doing it.

  • B Damion

    I’d like to put my hands through those tight shorts,grab and squeeze his balls till they…

  • imacstud

    As a gay man, I see this and say THAT’S why people hate the gays. There is gay and then there is just ridiculous. Ugh….(shakes head and sighs).

  • MikeE

    who’s the idiot announcer who says he’s dancing “strawinski’s famous firebird character”?

    he might be dressed in a black tutu with feathers, but the music is not Firebird (it’s Dvorak, “From the new world”) and Strawinski didn’t invent that character anyway. It’s a fairy tale.

    I am VERY conflicted by this.

    I hate seeing men in pointe shoes. I understand how difficult it is and all (having done enough ballet myself). And I simply don’t understand the need for a tutu. I’m very old-fashioned I guess.

    He does it well, though to be honest, the choreography is boring. I’d rather have seen him actually demonstrate he is capable of dancing a male ballet part, rather than do drag as a ballerina. but whatever.

  • Mr. E. Jones

    If I looked like that man, I would never wear clothes.

  • billforsyth

    @imacstud: People hate ‘the gays’ because of bigotry,prejudice and a variety of other unacceptable reasons,a man dancing with a tutu on or wearing skimpy shorts etc is not a reason for hating him or anyone else who is lgbt.There are gay men who dress up as ballerinas but there are also gay doctors,gay police officers in fact just about anything you care to think of.One thing is certain if it hadn’t been for those who were unafraid and unashamed of their sexuality often in the face of appalling brutality,ridicule and injustice the closet door would have remained resolutely closed.

  • AndrewIB

    If he wants to dance as a male in the traditional sense thats on thing but no, he has to go En pointe, wear a tutu and set us back twenty years stereotyping gay men as a bunch of mincing nelly helpful.

    Christ only knows what the choreography was from allegedly ( or what the music was all ab out given that it wasn’t Stravinksy (Firebird) but was in fact Dvorak (New World Symphony 3rd movement and not a ballet at all)..the entire thing was an abomination and yet could have been so extraordinary..he had a chance to astound people with his dancing and missed the target completely..took the cheap route out, dragged up and went en pointe..

    Whilst I hear what @billforsyth says, I believe or hope to believe that we have come far enough not to have to rely on shock values of a guy en pointe in a tutu to make us more visible or acceptable, and yes Bill I am old enough to remember the bad days and how dark they were.

  • dwndckd

    @imacstud, pr your comment, “As a gay man, I see this and say THAT’S why people hate the gays. There is gay and then there is just ridiculous. Ugh…. (shakes head and sighs).” I don’t hate “GAYS,” truth be told—I just don’t understand the “GAYS.” For example, as I read postings on this Queerty site, most of what’s being discussed doesn’t make sense and frightens me. For example- I had an encounter with a “GAY” guy at the gym and as I was walking to my car he stopped me to “hit” on me… All the while, grabbing his dick… Really???? So, to be honest- I don’t know what to expect from the “GAY” community. Maybe you can explain it to me.. .?

  • mz.sam

    I can definitely think of something else of mine than Chris licking a big ice cream cone!

  • BlogZilla

    It’s not ballerina. It’s ballerino. And he should apply to Cirque De Soleil. Wow, so physically fit..

  • Jonathan Petrovsky

    Wow this guy is awesome! I feel bad for his poor feet though! XD

  • ParkerSparx

    @imacstud: What offends you about this guy so much ?
    What would compose your “ideal” gay man ? I’ve known many straight men that displayed some feminine characteristics and conversely many gay men that were overtly masculine. I don’t believe there is a “one size fits all” describing any group.

    It is disheartening to read so many posts from gay men that are so vitriolic. The don’t need enemies with friends like this syndrome is applicable here.

    What is there about this guy that generates so much negativity ?

  • Bob LaBlah

    Anyone know what ever happened to Tiny Tim?

  • elbertdijkgraaf

    Well said; nothing more to add to it.

    I couldn’t even finish watching this as it was incredibly camp.

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