Mr. Gay World 2013 Is En Pointe

South African native turned New Zealand dancer and fitness instructor Chris Olwage grand jeté‘d his way to the title of Mr. Gay World 2013, held in Antwerp.

“I’m feeling amazing,” Olwage, 27, told Daily News after snatching the crown sash.“The abject fear of what I’ve just taken on is becoming quite apparent.”

No stranger to pageantry, Olwage competed on New Zealand’s Got Talent, where he gave Natalie Portman a run for her Oscar-winning money in pointe shoes and nothing but a tutu and some dramatic nipple shields. For Mr. Gay World, however, he went for a more subtle routine, which still left last year’s winner, and fellow kiwi, Andreas Derleth clutching his hypermasculine pearls.

“He’s done very, very well,” Derleth said. “He won three challenges; the swimwear, the art project and national costume – he carried that one out very well. It was a Maori-inspired outfit and he threw in some dancing and a bit of haka moves. It was impressive, it was amazing.”

Olwage is taking his title as Mr. Gay World seriously, calling it another milestone “as a self-aware member of the LGBT community.” He hopes to use his new platform to “achieve greater awareness of the issues that surround our community, aid the support of emerging queer youth in schools” and to work closer with the New Zealand AIDS Foundation.

We’re praying that somehow involves him doing this a lot:


Check out some more photos of Mr. Gay World 2013 Chris Olwage below and, if you haven, check out his Firebird performance from NZGT above.

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