UPDATED: Rick Perry Joins Mrs. And Mr. Bachmann’s Hot Sausage Action

UPDATE (8/15/11 12:43 PM): – The Dallas Voice shows us this ain’t Texas Governor Rick Perry‘s first rodeo either when it comes to deep-throating some big brown meat stick. Ride ’em cowboy.

(Image via Photo via IowaPolitics.com on Flickr)

THE SHOT – We wanted to avoid posting two anti-Bachmann posts in the same day, but seeing as we’re “Satan’s servants” we must follow our Dark Lord’s bidding. While awaiting the results of the meaningless Ames Straw Poll in Iowa, Michelle Bachmann and her ex-gay therapist husband Marcus both had some fun with wieners—while Michelle gagged down a greasy foot-long, Marcus got his arm around a sweet piece of mancandy (although he downed a greasy dog too, FYI). We haven’t seen such an unappealing picture of a candidate eating since Dick Santorum’s sucking on a piece of doo-doo.