UPDATED: Rick Perry Joins Mrs. And Mr. Bachmann’s Hot Sausage Action

UPDATE (8/15/11 12:43 PM): – The Dallas Voice shows us this ain’t Texas Governor Rick Perry‘s first rodeo either when it comes to deep-throating some big brown meat stick. Ride ’em cowboy.

(Image via Photo via IowaPolitics.com on Flickr)

THE SHOT – We wanted to avoid posting two anti-Bachmann posts in the same day, but seeing as we’re “Satan’s servants” we must follow our Dark Lord’s bidding. While awaiting the results of the meaningless Ames Straw Poll in Iowa, Michelle Bachmann and her ex-gay therapist husband Marcus both had some fun with wieners—while Michelle gagged down a greasy foot-long, Marcus got his arm around a sweet piece of mancandy (although he downed a greasy dog too, FYI). We haven’t seen such an unappealing picture of a candidate eating since Dick Santorum’s sucking on a piece of doo-doo.

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  • LOL

    Too bad that Newsweek didn’t use THAT photo on its cover.

  • Barnes and... Noble

    If you look at his eyes, it seems that Marcus has aged considerably. I feel bad for him to the degree that if he just accepted who he was, he could be happy.

  • Dorothea from Germany

    Her name is Michele, not Michelle!

  • Pietro

    I suspect that the man in the blue shirt might be gay.

  • christopher di spirito

    Judging by the picture, Michelle Bachmann loves having a big wiener in her mouth.

    Just like her husband.

  • Jim

    Take that! That’ll make her think twice about…eating.

  • EdWoody

    Wow, when you guys all said Marcus must be gay, I thought you were just being bitches. But that picture… holy crap, that is the very definition of gayface.

  • o

    @Jim: Yeah, we wouldn’t want a vile hate-filled Evangelical politician to feel bad about herself, would we? That’s why I’m just so ashamed to be associated with this evil little community, the gay community. I mean, look at how Daniel calls Satan his dark lord. I think Michele was RIGHT when she said that gay people are pro-Satan, which is kind of a dangerous thing to say since it can incite violence against gay people. Even though I’m gay, and I’ve been gay my whole life (unlike other gay people), and I’m out and proud at work, at school, at the carnival, etc. I still just can’t get along with other gay people when they tarnish the spotless reputations of respectable, thoroughly public women like Michele.

  • CJ

    Gays should be consistently going to her rallies, asking her the types of questions we heard this past week: “Why am I a second class citizen?” or “Why do you get to decide on which rights I have and don’t have?” Then, later, get all chummy with Marcus and have a nice, sincere photo taken. Maybe, eventually, her eyes would open up.

  • Tony Renna

    they say a picture is worth a thousand words !!!!!you be the judge , these are soe sick fukin people , spread the word guys , keep them out of office ! im usung facebook for the hopes of educatiing people an the truth . please help me do the same …..thanks

  • Tony Renna

    they say a picture is worth a thousand words !!!!!you be the judge , these are such sick fukin people , spread the word guys , keep them out of office ! im usung facebook for the hopes of educatiing people an the truth . please help me do the same …..thanks

  • JR

    Looks like BOTH Micele and “Slick Rick” Perry seem to be rather comfortable haveing a large hotdog in their mouths.

  • Frank Fairy

    Oh Rick, suck it down BABY! LOL.

  • ewe

    Heavenly. Literally.

  • randy

    Rick sucks cock like a pro!

  • milhouse

    Where do you think he got all those stretch marks on his face?

  • james_from_cambridge

    Really people? Really? That old queen Marcus can’t keep the gay bottled up even in pictures and we’re supposed to politely look away and pretend like he’s hetero? I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone….!!!

  • Sparky O

    My my, look at all these mature, responsible responses to a photo of a man eating. Is it any wonder that the gay community is viewed by the general public as catty and childish? Statements like these are why I wouldn’t come out to co-workers as gay, as they’re likely to equate me to the type of people who liberally spew this sort of nastiness. And frankly, it seems the nazis had less rage in their veins than do these “activists”.

  • prohomo

    @Sparky O: We have the right to gay rage, Sparky, and a little childishness keeps one young…. as long as it’s in balance.

  • tjr101

    @Sparky O: sparky dear, since when is Queerty supposed to represent the views of the entire gay community?

    And if you will not come out to co-workers because of what some anonymous persons post on a snarky website for fear of being stereotyped, then you got personal issues!

  • Andy

    @Sparky O: HAHA, right. Society hates gays because of a few catty comments. Justify your own cowardice and/or societal bigotry some other way.

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  • Jim

    @o: You’re a funny guy. I make fun of some catty stuff and you go off on a tirade. Forgot your medication?

  • Jim

    @o: PS: I was making fun of this website, not defending the Bachmanns. You should learn the difference.

  • Tangelo

    Looks like Perry is a natural with a big wiener while Michele is a novice. Her approach is all wrong. Poor technique.

  • Henry

    @Pietro: This comment is funnier now that Rick Perry’s photo is up there and he also has a blue shirt.

  • Sparky O

    @Andy: How laughable that you accuse me of cowardice and social bigotry. Hence, because you called me a coward and a bigot, that makes you an intolerant homophobe who hates me because I’m gay and don’t agree with your politics. See how easy the name-calling game works, you intolerant homophobe? And see how little it accomplishes?

    There will be no charge for this lesson in decency. Consider it my gift to you.

  • Daez

    Don’t underestimate Michele. She could quite easily be facing Obama in 2012. She is a very shrewd female candidate. Her base absolutely loves her, and could very easily bring her a victory in the primary. You guys are kidding yourself if you think countering her on her anti-gay views does anything more than get her more votes on the far right (who will control the primary).

    Since Obama hatred is running rampant and many people refuse to vote for Obama, I would say that this will actually be a very close election regardless of the Republican candidate, and we very well might end up with a repeat of 2010 when the Republicans swept offices simply because of the horrible job that Democrats were (are) doing.

  • randy

    @Daez: Bachmann will never get the GOP nod. Can you imagine that THAT would be the first female president?? No, never gonna happen. I agree the election will be close, but it will not be her in the running.

  • Daez

    @randy: This nation is absolutely ready for a female VP. The far right liked Sarah Palin more than they liked John McCain in 2008. I would not be surprised if she could take the primary, and if she doesn’t, I would not at all be surprised if the person that does take the primary decides to put Bachman on his ticket because of her support from the far right (something Romney is actually somewhat lacking).

  • randy

    @Daez: Let’s all keep our passports up to date!

  • Jeff in NYC

    As a former Iowan, I would like to take a second and thank all the photographers at the Iowa State Fair for the photos of GOP politicians deeping corndogs.

  • Bron

    Jeff : “Former” Iowan ? I think once you are, you are without the “former.”

  • Arnold (New Zealand)

    @o: Does Marcus know that Michele is a thoroughly public woman? Someone should tell him.

  • rascal

    @Arnold (New Zealand): Did you mean “pubic”, or “public”? I tend to believe it’s the former.

  • Morgan

    @EdWoody: I second that!! omg, he looks gay. lol

  • JB

    I would say unless it was an aide, page, or her masseuse – it has been FOREVER since Michelle had anything like THIS near her mouth!

    The husband, an “ex-gay therapist”? As in “takes one to know one” theory?

    What a convenient (and OUTRAGEOUS) cover, “I work with gay boys, whose parents pay me a LOT to convert them back to straight…”

    Oh honey, one office session with YOU would be ALL it takes for me to declare I’m straight!

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