MS Gov Phil Bryant: Racial Bigotry “Disappointing”, LGBT Discrimination Fine

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We recently reported on Stan Weatherford, the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Mississippi, who refused to marry a black couple last month.

Well, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant finally stepped in to say such bigotry was “disappointing” and “tainted” the state’s reputation.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

“Look, when people want to get married, we ought to let them get married,” Bryant said. “We have enough people that won’t go and get married. I want to make every opportunity I can for any couple that wants to, to go get married.”

Right on, your governorship! Gay couples, too, right?

“I wouldn’t say gay couples, no,” said Bryant, a supporter of Mississippi’s 2004 same-sex marriage ban. “I’d say a man and a woman. Let me make sure, let’s get that right: When I say couples, I automatically assume it’s a man and a woman.”

Well, Phil, you know what happens when you assume right?

All together now: what a douche!