MSNBC Anchor Thomas Roberts Has A Date Set For His Gay Wedding

Rainbow wedding bells should be ringing within the year for MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts, who’s been fianced to boyfriend Patrick Abner for a while.

“We do have a date set, but I want to keep it under wraps,” said the handsome newsman. “We’re not going to be runaway grooms or anything like that, it’s just confirmation of that date, then we gotta send the save the date cards. It’s an inevitability that we’re going to do it, it’s just the date. The date, and then the planning. There’s a lot of work that goes into it.”

Roberts also took the National Organization for Marriage to task for their misleading name, after we commented that their name ought to be the National Organization Against Gay Marriage.

“If they really wanted to be the national organization for marriage, they would be the National Organization Against Divorce,” said Roberts. “And they would put all the money that they waste, trying to thwart marriage equality, into trying to reassure heterosexual and gay couples around this country that divorce is the only evil to marriage. That’s the biggest threat to it, is divorce.”

And, speaking of NOM, he invited Maggie Gallagher to be on his show this morning to talk about its recently revealed race-baiting, dumb-celebrity-recruiting tactics. Although at first they believed she was a cowardly no-show, it turns out she was just in the wrong studio because of an MSNBC mix-up. Oops.