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MSNBC Turns Gay Marriage Debate Into Awesome CNN Assault

Haha! Leave it to MSNBC to turn the fight over legalizing same-sex marriage into an attack on CNN and Larry King. How’s that for a cable network feud?

But actually The Young Turk‘s Cenk Uygur, appearing on The Dylan Ratigan Show Tuesday, practices some decent journalism with his Bible studies. Nothing you haven’t heard a hundred times before, but somehow when Cenk explains it, I’m really ready to get on board. Red Lobster Amendments all around!

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  • Lookyloo

    Your a prick for that misleading headline. You know there was no assault on CNN in that piece.

  • FreddyMertz

    @Lookyloo: how true!

  • mk

    This is a competely deceptive article and headline. MSNBC didn’t say anything at all about King or CNN. Their guest in a long explanation about why gay marriage opposition is silly tossed in Larry King and Liz Taylor as simple examples of straights who have married a lot of times. The guest said nothing at all about CNN.

    So I guess by Queerty’s standards MSNBC is also supposedly attacking Liz Taylor and starting a feud with any companies she is affiliated with by having on a guest who mentioned her marriages.

  • Cam

    Finally we have somebody on the news pointing out the hypocrisy of these churches picketing against gay rights, but not picketing the Donna Karen store for selling silk blended shirts, or Legal Seafood for selling shellfish.

    Gay rights folks have been saying this forever, but usually the news just sits there and lets the anti-gay folks spew. Now maybe since one person said this the others will follow.

  • mk

    @Cam: This isn’t the first time the point has been made by a guest on a news show that religious conservatives pick and choose from the bible when it comes to their objections to homosexuality and gay marriage. That point has been made before by news guests. Dan Savage alone has done it multiple times on news and commentary shows, and he has a really thorough knowledge of the bible so he goes beyond the standard shrimp example.

  • Geoff M

    Headline aside, it’s great to see a major news org tackling the subject.

    I remember the West Wing did a great job with this exact subject matter in an episode a couple years ago….must be on youtube somewhere.

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    Its disgusting if the majority of you are unfamiliar with Cenk Uygur and the Young Turks. Its like not being aware of Rachel Maddow.

  • mk

    @Mysanthropic Destiny: Who said we weren’t familiar with Cenk or the Young Turks? I’ve seen their stuff online, I just didn’t have anything particular to say about them here. I’m glad to see another person on a news show going through the standard set of good arguments against the bullshit case gay haters make against gay marriage, but the deceptiveness of this article is what really stood out. I don’t like to see an information source I visit posting totally bogus articles.

  • Cam

    @Mysanthropic Destiny:

    It’s disgusting that you are so desperate to lash out that you would say something idiotic like that.

    1. nobody on here said that they didn’t know about Cent

    2. if somebody on here didn’t know about him, so what? Now they do.

    you sound like those weird irritating kids in high school that purposely go out and find bands playing in out of the way clubs just so they can then attack people for not knowing about them.

    Take a breath.

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