MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Slams Anti-Gay Pastor Disinvited To Inauguration

laurence o'donnellThis [inauguration], as it was last time for the first time in history, the book will be held by a First Lady who is a descendent of slaves. But the holy book she will be holding does not contain one word of God condemning slavery. Not one word.

But that same book, which spends hundreds and hundreds of pages condemning all sorts of things—and couldn’t find one sentence to condemn slavery—does manage to find the space to repeatedly condemn gay people, as the now-banished Louie Giglio says it does. And as the First Lady is holding that book for the President, sitting somewhere near them will be a pastor who the Inauguration Committee will make sure is much more adept at hiding what that book actually says than Louie Giglio was.”

MSNBC’s Laurence O’Donnell, making an excellent point, on The Last Word.