Said Homophobe To Blow Lid Off "Gay Hoax"

MSU Welcomes Homophobe

Michigan State University and their Young Americans for Freedom will soon welcome an author named Ryan Sorba. Why should you care? We’ll let PrideSource explain:

The title of [Sorba’s] speech is “The Born Gay Hoax.” No location on the MSU campus has been given.

Sorba is a psychology student, and his lecture argues that the conception of being born gay is a new concept in the gay rights movement and a hoax. He argues that all people are born straight, and that through behavioral choices become gay.

So, if we had decided not to watch – and subsequently lust after – He-Man, we’d be straight? That makes total (non)sense!

Get a taste of Sorba’s madness, after the jump…

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  • Qjersey

    How exactly does this explain straight men being so into getting blown and fucking ass…when there is a pussy present?

    how does this explain homosexuality in animals?

    Old tired argument…and if this guy is a psychology student…I doubt he’s a member of the APA (or will continue to be a member of APA).

  • shivadog

    I get so sick of the “it’s against nature” argument. Homosexual behavior has been documented in every mammal species, as well as birds and many other animals. How can something that occurs in nature be “against nature”. This guy looks like another self-loathing closet case.

  • Matt

    So he’s not actually a psychologist, but a psych student? And anyone should care about his opinion about anything because why?

  • Tallskin

    I have banged on and on before about this but the underpinning of all these anti-gay attitudes comes from religion.

    These pseudo psychological scientific theories that say homosex is harmful, unnatural etc have all been utterly discredited, they have not survived being torn down and criticised.

    So, where does this student get his anti-gay attitudes from because it is not from orthadox psychology, he has not been taught them in a psychology department?

    Answer, he has a religious prejudice against homosex around which he has built an edifice (built on sand as far as science is concerned) to try and prove his ideas.

    This is all religiously endorsed anti-gay rubbish

  • nik

    I am a student here at MSU, and I am quite frankly outraged that such a blatant and hateful homophobe would be allowed to besmirch our campus. He’s as bad as the likes of Jerry Falwell (pity there’s no hell for him to go to…) and Pat Robertson. His coming will only inflame the homophobia on campus; he shouldn’t be allowed. I hope campus authorities come to there senses before that bastard comes here.

  • Craig Browning

    Now, now boys… just look around in this schmuck’s CLOSET I’m certain you’ll find the real reason why he’s making such statements.

    I was fooling around with boys at 3 & 4 years of age… I’ve had two “heterosexual moments” in my life; one with a Filipino girl I knew years ago that for some reason, seeing the small of her back drove me nuts… the other was a young lesbian a few years ago, that looks like the cutest guy around…outside of that my only sexual/romantic notions have all centered around males.

    I’ve never been molested, never was around other gay people (until my late teens and early 20s) and had none of the typecast “profile” factors idiots like this particular fool, speak of. So I’d say laddy boy is trying to lie to himself more than anything.

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