MTV Canada Has Landed


These nerds are the ragtag group of new VJs that MTV found north of the border to host their brand new Canadian network.

Canadians didn’t know what they were missing until MTV Canada started airing yesterday with a big mess of syndicated American content including Laguna Beach and Dismissed… We just hope they don’t try to make Canadians swallow Date My Mom, which is the most bizarre and vulgar show we have seem on primetime since Emily’s Reasons Why Not.

Word on the street is that no one is impressed with MTVs big entrance, though maybe slightly more impressed than they are by the MuchMusic VJ Search, which seems to have been playing since the dawn of time. The one redemming quality of the VJ Search is Sean the gay contestant, who broke down barriers last week with his impassioned monologue that ran along the lines of “I wish everyone would stop seeing me as Sean the gay guy and start seeing me as Sean the gay person”! We see you, Sean. We see you.

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