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Could MTV’s “Ex on the Beach” finally get its first gay couple?

Cast members of “Ex on the Beach” have asked producers to include a gay couple for the first time on the MTV reality show, which is starting its sixth season on air.

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Ross Worswick said before a Facebook live event that he would be in favor of the move.

“It’s not been done before. I don’t have anything against it,” he said, reports The Sun. “To be fair, a lot of people would love it and enjoy it. I think it would be good. I’ve got a lot of gay friends.

“At the end of the day it’s a reality show and it’s real. And gay relationships are real.” Why yes they are.

Another cast member, Joshua Ritchie, has also expressed support for the idea.

“I don’t see why it would be a problem. I have no issue with it,” he told Bizarre.

Producers of the show are prepared to include a gay couple, according to a source close to the show, claims The Sun.

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“MTV are fully supportive of LGBT people and would have no problem having them on the show. It’s just about the people who apply—if they apply then they will be considered,” the source is quoted as saying. “Everyone is considered.”