MTV’s Guy Code: “Everyone’s A Little Bit Gay”

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 12.50.11 AMIf you’re not a 17-year-old heterosexual male, you might not have heard about MTV2?s Guy Code, a docu-series (and we use that term loosely) that unravels the rules that straight dudes live by.  

The third season debuted on Tuesday, but it’s whats on next week that’s interesting: the Guy Code rules about gays.

We have to admit, we’re totally fascinated by this premise. How are today’s bros expected to behave around gay guys? Are they supposed to march in marriage-equality protests? Or just give a stiff pat on the back when their frat brother comes out?

You can watch a preview on EW.com. Says comedian Jordan Carlos in the episode, “If you think about it…everybody’s a little bit gay.”

Well, it’s off to a good start.

Guy Code airs Tuesday, January 22, at 11pm on MTV2

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