MTV’s True Life Profiles Gay Chubby Chasers. Oh Boy

When we got the press release from MTV that a gay couple fighting for acceptance was going to be the focus of a new episode of True Life, we assumed it was a queer twosome fighting small-town bigotry.

Oh, but we were wrong, so wrong.

Read for yourself:

On Wednesday, January 11th at 9pm ET/PT, we will premiere True Life: I’m A Chubby Chaser, featuring a gay couple trying to prove that their feelings are genuine. For many people looking for romance, ‘fat’ can be considered a four letter word. For some, however, their motto seems to be “the bigger, the better.” On this episode of True Life, you’ll meet a young man who desires obese to have mate while struggling to find acceptance in a society that immortalizes 6-pack abs.

Justin loves the sense of security he gets from his super-sized boyfriend, Josh, but fears that his conservative parents dismiss their relationship as a fetish. Justin wants to marry Josh and is determined to get his family’s blessing before they walk down the aisle.  Viewers will watch as Justin tries to convince his parents that his feelings for Josh are real.

All they want to do is love the one they’re with, but find that they must overcome the large hurdles to make their relationships work.

Get it—large hurdles? That’s a fat joke, people.

We don’t know why we expected something sensitive from the network that’s brought us Teen Great-Grandmas, I’m Not Here to Make Friends and I Used to be Fat. (That last one is real)

Not that we have anything against Justin and Josh—if big girls are your thing, more power to you. But we’re pretty sure this episode is gonna come with a side order of exploitation. Especially since we read the casting notice:

“If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 28, and you love ’em round and delectably plump, write us. Tell us about your passion for the plus-size.”

Stayed tuned this summer, when True Life airs the episodes “I Want to be Straight” and “I’m No Longer Gay.”

We wish we were kidding.

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  • EdWoody

    “you’ll meet a young man who desires obese to have mate”

    That’s almost Queerty-level coherence from MTV there.

  • gurrrlplease

    Oddly Our “beloved” LOGO is owned by MTV. Not to say LOGO doesn’t have extremely offensive stereotypes of LGBTQ

  • stevoj

    @gurrrlplease: i find A-list Dallas more offensive than most of the shit on MTV

    i’m really disappointed in True Life though. MTV used to be forward thinking television with innovative shows

    now they just capitalize on whatever topic is the most current. i haven’t tuned in since 2006… OMG and it was a gay who made me snap!!! can’t believe i just realized that

  • christopher di spirito

    In a free society nothing is off limits. Even Chubby Chasers. Deal with it.

  • JayKay

    Insert off-color joke about the overweight here.



  • Cam


    Give me a break, LOGO comes off as some channel run by straights who want the dollars but are ashamed of their gay audience. The channel edited out the word “Bottom” for God’s sake!

    As for these shows ““I Want to be Straight” and “I’m No Longer Gay.””

    Ok, shot fired, I get it, MTV is now they enemy.

  • Kev C

    MTV is owned by the Mafia which is controlled by the Vatican. An easy way to remember this is MTV = Mafia The Vatican.

  • Daniel S

    As a member of the plus size LGBT community, I don’t find anything offinsive in the description of the subject of this episode. In fact, if executed correctly, this could be a well needed examination of the struggles faced by a largely ignored and mocked section of the LGBT community, but this is MTV people, you are more likely to find a sensitive examination of the struggles of peoples lives on an episode of Maury.

  • Daniel S

    also, an additional point @gerryK bullying kills. Most likely, the one you really have a problem with is yourself and trying to hurt someone else, no matter how subconscious or misguided it may be, IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE.

  • kenny

    As another plus sized member of the LGBTQ community, and a close friend of Justin and Josh, I applaud their braveness for going on National TV and facing the scrutiny they will face. As members of this community, all too often, there is viscious hatred from our thinner brothers, we, as a community, have to love one another to fight for equal rights…also, gerryK you are nasty, if we were all Abercrombie fit and stereotypically cute, like I am guessing you ARENT, the gay community would be oh so boring

  • wingfield

    I think the point though is that… of all the topics in the gay community… the different fights for equality going on, the repeal of dadt… they’re doing a story on chub-chaser relationship. You would think they could have done maybe a full gay diversity episode and have a chub/chaser and mixed race couple or something. I used to love true life as well. It was raw, cutting edge and real. I predict this episode will be very fluffy and full of BS.

  • Josh

    @wingfield: hahaha Wingfield..funny thing is we are a mixed race couple and we are affected by the fight for equality, and the repeal of DADT, and marriage rights in our state, and beneficiary rights, etc etc etc.. we are not separate from those issues we’re just a different group of the same community experiencing them through our perceptions and reality ;-) Hugs to you! And by the way of course it will be fluffy ;-)

  • jeff4justice

    Great. I’m a bit overweight. If you want a chunky yet handsome guy, hit me up.

    All about me at ; )

  • LandStander

    @jeff4justice: Yum, you are a handsome guy! Thanks for the blog info :-)

  • dome

    @wingfield: but don’t you ever get sick of wretching over the tiresome political bullshit? sure they are important issues, but it’s not like any mass media outlet (or even queerty/JMG/etc, for that matter) has had anything new or intelligent to say on the issue in years, if ever.

    It would be nice to once-in-a-while have interesting gay entertainment that isn’t dripping in camp or political self-righteousness

  • xaxxxxx

    it would be interesting to know the clinical perspective on whether or not chubby chasing is a “fetish”

    from the article it seems like that idea is sensitive among the chubby chasing (is there a better word for this?) and their community, and understandably so, but i am of the opinion that even if it were, the actual love between the two people would not necessarily be cheapened by such.

  • Mike

    @jeff4justice: You look pretty thin to me.

  • winfield

    @dome: lol yea… and that’s when you get A-list New York/Dallas. No, I’ll definitely watch and I’m sure I’ll laugh/cringe at parts… I was just shocked they would devote a whole episode to chub-chaser relationship when of all the discrimination in the gay community I didn’t consider that to be a big one (Think about the comments that occurred on the “is Don lemon dating a white guy” article. But maybe I’m wrong and I will be enlightened after watching this!


    That’s right, we’re just there to poke fun at, everyone knows that fatties (like me) are worthless, and don’t deserve love.
    Let’s face it when was the last time you saw a sex scene in a movie featuring ANYONE big?

  • B

    There are a lot of chubby gay people who are happy, accepted and have great sex lives, but it’s a narrative missing not only from mainstream media, but also from the straight world.

    The stereotypical gay guy is thin, with a six-pack and focused 100% on physical appearance (and therefore totally dismissive of “fatties” or whatever derogatory term). A chubby-chaser show absolutely has relevance and could be pretty interesting. If it’s exploitative, maybe that’ll be a bummer, but at least it’ll bring some more light to the issue. And it’s definitely a real thing–check out .

  • lookyloo

    “Not that we have anything against Justin and Josh—if big girls are your thing, more power to you.”

    Did I miss something? Josh and Justin are men not girls, yes?

    Or.. oh wait.. You’re feminizing gay men. I get it. Because gay men are attracted to men so it’s fun to call them girls because the views of many bigots is that only a non-man can be attracted to other men – So ‘girl’ is a totally legitimate nickname for a gay man. That’s hilarious and not even close to a disparaging remark.

    You probably have fun calling black men “boy” – Fun stuff.

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquemada de la Cueva


    + 1

    (except maybe for the “boy” dig at the end).

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