Much Better Than The Singing Nun

History will be made in the most delightful of ways on December 2 when the first ever lesbian musical begins previews at the Hudson Backstage Theater on Santa Monica Boulevard in L.A. Saint Monica, whose son is said to have converted after a wild life, could not be reached for comment.

Singing Lesbians

The Break Up Notebook is based on the eponymous play by Patricia Cotter. The lady is no slouch. Currently co-writing a screenplay with Dustin Hoffman, she has thrice been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award. You have to love her for what she said about the nominations: “Really it was an honor just to buy three black cocktail dresses that I will never wear again.”

Patricia previously co-wrote the book and lyrics to a musical comedy about women with body image issues, Fat: the Musical. The Breakup Notebook narrates the tale of Helen, a right-on woman who gets dumped by her girlfriend and then suffers depression. Her best gay boyfriend Bob schemes with a bunch of her butch and femme lady friends to get her life back on the straight and narrow, as it were. Look for Bob to steal the show as the most feminine of the lot.