Mugabe Bans Gays


Robert Mugabe (pictured) and his insanity never cease to amaze us. In the latest installment of his absurd governmental mania, the 82 year old leader of Zimbabwe has taken some time off from stealing land and printing copious amounts of worthless money to ban gays and lesbians from a….wait for it….human rights commission.

365 Gay reports:

The Zimbabwean government has banned gays and lesbians from participating in a United Nations sponsored meeting between the government and human rights groups.

The 3-day meeting taking place in Kariba was organized following UN concerns about human rights abuses in the African nation. The meetings are expected to lay the groundwork for an independent Human Rights Commission in Zimbabwe.

Um, what the fuck is the UN doing sponsoring a meeting between Zim. officials and human rights groups? Seriously, they’d have better results trying to get Bush to admit the US knew about 9/11, or – an even longer shot – getting Clay Aiken to suck dick on video.

Also, isn’t the idea of a Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission a bit…oh, contradictory? Whatever, we’re not surprised. Mugabe’s hatred of gays knows no bounds. He has been quoted as calling gays “less than dogs.” Charming, no?

Maybe they should change the name of Zimbabwe back to Rhodesia.