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Mulling Matthews’ Gay Nup Outlook

Curious about rumors that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews will soon run for Senate, Philadelphia Gay News publisher Mark Segal asked the MSNBC news man where he stands on gay marriage.

Matthews sort of skirted the issue. First he declared, “I always start with freedom. That’s where I start on every issue,” because that’s where the constitution begins. Then Matthews said he has an “open heart” about this “evolving issue” and “will have to live with it.” Again, that’s confusing.

Hoping to get something relatively coherent, Segal continued pressing for a more robust response, to which Matthews replied, “I can answer it the way I have, which is any fucking way I want. I can answer in my way even if it isn’t your way.”

Well, we’ve heard the just released audio, which we’ve included below, given it a thorough listen and, well, the Queerty team’s torn on what to make of this all!

Some people on this end think Matthews may not support gay marriage, but is just afraid to say so. He is, after all, a television celebrity and no celebrity wants to alienate potential fans.

Others, meanwhile, think that Matthews’ freedom includes the right to marry, regardless of gender, but he’s afraid taking such a progressive public stance could damage potential electoral victory. If that’s the case, he’s simply being unheroic. Or perhaps he’s simply joking. Matthews does love a good laugh. Either way, his cursory answer makes our pretty little head’s hurt.

What say you, reader: is Matthews response indicative of an exclusionary opinion, is he simply not spelling out what could be a gay marriage-loving platform, or is he simply taking the piss?

[flv:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.epgn.com%2FChrisMatthews.mp3 http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2008/09/matthewsside.jpg 500 120]

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  • CitizenGeek

    Wasn’t this posted ages ago?

  • Tom

    He said he starts with freedom, its an evolving issue and he has an open heart. Other than get down on his knees and propose, it is obvious he supports gay rights and marriage.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Ya know, they have elective Journalism courses at many Community Colleges and Tertiary Institutions in which Queerty may want to have a little look-see so you don’t come across as the Stupid-Ass Coke-snorting dumb Faggots you are! So, which party (come on, shock us, dick-wad!) and what district? Journalism 101 awaits your porn-addicted asses…

    BTW – I served Matthews (looking like Jack Black) that Dunkin Donuts coffee from leftovers and a summer cold cootie!

  • Paul

    He skirted the issue, but we should get used to people doing that by now. He seems to be on our side though.

    “I have an open heart. I’ll have to live with it” is a rather confusing line, but at the very least, he seems to be aware that it needs to happen and is going to happen.

  • Thor

    Dones’t really matter he is just a news reporter. Plus I think Rachel Maddow balances everything out.

  • Rsquared

    Has anyone noticed that he seems more and more unbalanced — nutty even? I think his confusing response shows lack of conviction – a politician’s answer. He used to be somewhat likeable – now, not so much.

  • gkruz

    “He is, after all, a television celebrity and no celebrity wants to alienate potential fans.”
    Yeah, right, the way he didn’t alienate women and feminists with his sexist and derogatory remarks against Hillary Clinton (along with all the other MSNBC frat boys, including Maddow).
    Matthews has never been afraid to speak his mind, often to the point of making an ass of himself (easily done in his case, of course), so if he is now reluctant to commit to an opinion on gay marriage, it’s because he’s thinking like a politician already. And although I can’t confirm it, rumor has it he will run as a Republican.

  • ousslander

    It’s a cop out but even if he came out against gay marriage , queerty would still be slobbing all over his knob because he’s a democrat. Enough with this he’s secretly on our side crap.

  • Michael B.

    I heard Chris Matthews on television state that he supports same-sex marriage.

  • John

    Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter is very ill. So, that’s where the rumors come from.

    Although Matthews always dodges the question when it comes to his own political ideology, many suspect he’ll run as a Democrat. He worked for four Democratic congressmen, but voted for George W. Bush in 2000. However, he was apparently dissapointed with the outcome (and switched back to the Democrats after the invasion of Iraq). He seems to be supporting Barack Obama this time around.

    And bottom line. In the current political climate, it is easier for a Democrat to pick up an open seat than it is for a Republcian to defend one.

  • Slider

    In an C-Span interview several months ago Matthews said he is for same sex marriage. I have also heard him say he is against it. Maybe he should consult with John Kerry, who said in a 2004 Advocate Magazine interview when he was running for President that marriage is between a man and a woman only and for procreation. (Someone should have told Teresa Heinz Kerry to get busy with him to make some babbies) Then Kerry said he was opposed to the Federal Marriage Amendment but supported a ban on same sex marriage in the Massachusetts state Constitution. John Kerry talked out of both side of his mouth on that issue and so does Chris Matthews.

    surprised? not me in the least.

  • Nick

    This is simply a case of political correctness. It’s still considered an extreme stance for a politician or major figure in the media to fully support same sex marriage, at the risk of alienating potential fans or voters. I really believe that most democratic politicians have absolutely no problem with it themselves- it’s just letting them avoid lashes from the extreme right.

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