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Mulling Matthews’ Gay Nup Outlook

Curious about rumors that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews will soon run for Senate, Philadelphia Gay News publisher Mark Segal asked the MSNBC news man where he stands on gay marriage.

Matthews sort of skirted the issue. First he declared, “I always start with freedom. That’s where I start on every issue,” because that’s where the constitution begins. Then Matthews said he has an “open heart” about this “evolving issue” and “will have to live with it.” Again, that’s confusing.

Hoping to get something relatively coherent, Segal continued pressing for a more robust response, to which Matthews replied, “I can answer it the way I have, which is any fucking way I want. I can answer in my way even if it isn’t your way.”

Well, we’ve heard the just released audio, which we’ve included below, given it a thorough listen and, well, the Queerty team’s torn on what to make of this all!

Some people on this end think Matthews may not support gay marriage, but is just afraid to say so. He is, after all, a television celebrity and no celebrity wants to alienate potential fans.

Others, meanwhile, think that Matthews’ freedom includes the right to marry, regardless of gender, but he’s afraid taking such a progressive public stance could damage potential electoral victory. If that’s the case, he’s simply being unheroic. Or perhaps he’s simply joking. Matthews does love a good laugh. Either way, his cursory answer makes our pretty little head’s hurt.

What say you, reader: is Matthews response indicative of an exclusionary opinion, is he simply not spelling out what could be a gay marriage-loving platform, or is he simply taking the piss?

[flv:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.epgn.com%2FChrisMatthews.mp3 https://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/2008/09/matthewsside.jpg 500 120]