Does Sexism Favor Rent Boys?

Mulling The Male Prostitute

The working girls and boys of this world may all fuck for money, but that doesn’t mean they get the same respect – or disrespect.

In a thoughtful and timely post, former AOL blogger Richard Rothstein uses Republican hero Jeff Gannon as a jumping off point to examine the wild world of male prostitution:

The ubiquitous and profoundly influential role of the gay male prostitute in American culture is a subject that deserves much more scrutiny and consideration. It should pose many more questions and generate considerably more discussion in the mainstream media and among pundits. Instead the politics of the gay male prostitute is just there, regularly rearing it’s rather prominent head at odd times and in so many diverse way.

I’m fascinated by two questions in particular and the real lack of examination of both. The first, of course, is why the male prostitute plays such a prominent role in our culture and the second is why we don’t really examine that role with a serious in-depth discussion.

Rothstein also points a finger at Dancing With The StarsAlbert Reed, who allegedly had a “compromising” encounter with George Clooney.

Warning: Rothstein’s post has some NSFW bits, namely: Jeff Gannon’s penis.

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  • hells kitchen guy

    A good example of a “pundit” who hasn’t done the minimal amount of research before blabbing. There are several organizations & website catering to & advocating for male “escorts,” as well as an excellent popular history, Strapped for Cash.

  • spunkbox

    I thought it was pretty interesting, and it is true that female prostitutes are held to a different standard. Anyway you slice it though, ‘whores’ – and what a condescending term- are frequently abuse survivors and damaged goods. From all reports, tricks are usually fat, gross, married pigs- NOT George Clooney.

  • Dawster

    i don’t think there is THAT much of a double standard between female and gay male prostitutes. female whores tend to be glamorized more in media, even though the reality of it is quite the opposite (at least for 95% of them). male prostitutes tend to glamorize themselves (as many males do ANYWAY)… and we the public see through that pretty well.

    what is tainting the general view are the “escorts” actually seeking attention, validation, and celebrity. this is reflected in their escorting… and it eventually plays in other aspects of life.

    female “madams” who get busted (the D.C. madam, Heidi fliess, etc) all get HUGE press over the matter.

    the actual double standard isn’t with the sex… it’s with being gay. a guy lies about sleeping with a female prostitute? interesting news. a guy lies about sleeping with a MALE prostitute? SCANDALOUS!

    it’s the “gay” thing that is the news money-maker… not the prostitutes themselves.

  • Dawster

    “the actual double standard isn’t with the sex… it’s with being gay”

    should read:

    “the actual double standard isn’t with the gender of the escort… it’s with being gay.”

  • Gregg

    This blog by Rothstein makes two baseless assumptions at the start, and continues his rambling from there. He assumes that female prostitution conjures images of one thing, and male prostitution another.

    Contrary to what he is saying, if you look at media/dramatic representation of male prostitution, it is almost always sleazy hustlers living in squalor on the Sunset Strip and dying of violence or drug overdoses. Female prostitutes are also depicted this way, though far more often they are glamorized as sexy, beautiful, savvy creatures fucking their way through life until true love “saves” them.

    It’s too bad. He took a great concept for a blog post and trashed it by pretending he knows all about prostitution in our culture.

  • jack jett

    I just thought I would add a bit of insight to Mr. Gannon and how he feels that there are many misconceptions going on about him. This is from an interview I did last year with him.
    jack jett
    JJ: Are you a sexual adventurer?

    JG: Not really.
    JJ: I saw some photos of you pissing that seemed a bit adventurous.

    JG: I’m sure the pictures you saw didn’t have my face on them.

    JJ: Then how would you describe yourself sexually?

    JG: Human.

    JJ: Human is good, and very legal.

    JJ: Are you a manscaper?

    JG: Not really. Perhaps a bit of pruning from time to time, but no clear-cutting.

    JJ: Are you a Daddy?

    JG: If that term describes masculine, mature and confident, that is accurate.

    JJ: So what kind of guys does Daddy like?

    JG: I judge each person on individual merits.

    JJ: Why did you have all the nude photos of you removed from the Internet?

    JG: First of all, I disagree with your premise. There is so much misinformation floating around cyberspace that I wouldn’t put too much stock in any of it.

  • Dawster

    a picture of his cock is “misinformation”?

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