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Multimillionaire Tech Giant Comes Out As Transgender On National Television

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Welcome to primetime, girl!

An Australian multimillionaire financial guru came out as transgender on national television following a declaration to company members and clients during a live webinar.

Savannah Jackson runs the financial company Trading Pursuits, and her decision to come out was fueled by an extortionist who obtained photos of her dressed in women’s clothing and threatened to release them unless she paid $150,000.

Gay Star News has more on the amazing story:

‘It’s surreal that it’s here. Like it’s a dream, it’s a thought, it’s a hope and a wish that you have every single day of your life. And then, to actually be here in this moment now… it’s just like every Christmas all come at once,’ she said.

When she was still living as a man, Jackson said that she enjoyed doing ‘boy things’ but never felt like a boy on the side.

As a kid, she played soccer and hockey. In university, she studied neurophysiology and became a bodybuilder. After which, she spent eight years in the army serving as an infantry officer. Deep down, she was doing everything she could to suppress her female identity. ‘I felt like a ghost. I have all these memories of growing up internally as a girl, but no one saw me as a girl.’

After coming out to her company and clients via a webinar, Jackson shared her amazing story on Australia’s Sunday Night. Watch both parts of her interview below.

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