Navy Negotiator Had Secret Life?

Murder Case Gets Queer Twist

A man accused of murdering his wife may have been hiding a secret gay life, say prosecutors.

Navy contract negotiator David Henry stands accused of strangling his wife, Jacquelin, on March 29 of 2005. Mr. Henry claims his wife collapsed suddenly and suggested she may have died of a heart attack.

A small red abrasion on her neck raised questions, however, and an autopsy revealed that Mrs. Henry had been strangled.

While his alleged homosexuality hasn’t been entered as a motive – prosecutors suspect David wanted an insurance pay out – it does paint him as a liar.

In a recorded statement that was played for the jury, David Henry told Camden County Prosecutor’s Senior Investigator Martin Wolf that he was gay and spent annual three-week vacations each spring traveling to another country to meet men. But he said he told his in-laws the trips were work-related.

Wednesday, Henry’s sister-in-law, Kelly Young of National Park, testified that her family was unaware of Henry’s sexual interest in men.

In addition to hearing of Henry’s adventures in gayville, jurors also heard of how Henry invited a business associate to Jacquelin’s funeral so they could discuss his late wife’s $15,000 insurance claim. Tacky!