Murder Mars Sao Paulo Pride

As we’ve already mentioned, three million proud people marched through Sao Paulo this weekend. At least one man, however, won’t be marching home. 35-year old French reveler Gregor Ervan Londoar found himself on the receiving end of a blade last night outside the popular gay restaurant, the Ritz.

Club Whirled translates news reports:

According to the story, and other reporting in O Globo, Londoar chatted with three Brazilians he met at the bar, and then the four left Ritz together late in the evening. Right outside, they were approached by four young men, “dressed in skaters clothing”, according to O Globo, one of whom took out a knife and repeatedly stabbed Londoa in the abdomen. The assailants said nothing on approach, and fled the scene. No robbery took place. Londoar was carrying a bag, and his passport was in the bag. He was taken to the nearby Hospital das Clínicas where he died. Also according to O Globo, the three Brazilians accompanying Londoar were “a stylist, an actor and a teacher.”

None of the newspaper reports cited a rise in anti-gay violence, nor did they connect Londoar’s death with this weekend’s gay pride.

Made in Brazil also has a piece on the unfortunate event.