Transgender Woman Murdered In Gritty Detroit Neighborhood

Police have discovered the body of a transgender woman named Coko Williams in a particularly crime-, drug-, and prostitution-ridden section of East Detroit. Reports FOX 2:

Neighbors tell FOX 2’s Al Allen the body’s throat was slashed and there were apparent gunshot wounds as well.

Neighbors also say drug trafficking and prostitution runs rampant in the area. One man, who wished to remain nameless, showed a photo of garbage (right) he collects every few days along the streets. The photo shows empty liquor bottles, used condoms, drug residue and empty shell casings.

That sounds to me like a pretty dangerous place to be a transgender woman.

It’s unclear whether Coko was a sex worker, as FOX 2 seems to be heavily insinuating. Equality Michigan’s Nusrat Ventimiglia released a statement on the matter earlier today:

“We unequivocally offer our support to law enforcement and the community so that Coko Williams’ killers are swiftly apprehended and brought to justice.”

“It has been widely reported that the area in which this crime occurred is known for sex work.  To be clear, it is unknown at this time whether Ms. Williams was engaged in sex work at the time of her killing, however, it is clear that sex workers are often targets of severe violence. Further, transgender women are far too often victims of the most severe violence… Equality Michigan and the NCAVP denounce violence against sex workers and seek to raise awareness of the violence faced by gay and transgender sex workers as well as transgender women.”

Witnesses say the suspects may have sped away in a gold car. Anyone with information about Coko’s killing should contact the Detroit Police at 313-596-2260.