Murdered Gay Teen In Turkey Shot 14 Times By Father And Uncle

A gay teenager identified only as “RA” was allegedly murdered by his uncle and father in Turkey because of his sexuality, reports the Hurriyet Daily News,

The men have been arrested for the killing, which took place in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir in July, but local members of the gay community say it was covered up by the victim’s powerful family: “We are subjected to violence, but there is no place where we can make a complaint or search for our rights,” said one unnamed source. “Police insult and swear at us, doctors make fun of us.”

At the time of his death, RA was staying at a friends house to avoid another violent encounter with his family, but his uncle dragged him back home where, after an arguement, his father shot him 14 times.

The boy’s father and uncle then abandoned his lifeless body by the side of the road.

The situation for LGBT people in Turkey is grim—while cities like Istanbul and Diyarbakir have large queer populations, most activity is underground. Openly identifying as gay can lead to harassment discrimination or, as evident here, violence. Courts have been known to lower sentences against perpetrators of hate murders against gay and transgender victims.

Though generally perceived as a moderate Muslim country, Turkey has also had its share of so-called “honor killings” of LGBT people. One of the most publicized cases took place in 2008, when 26-year-old student and activist Ahmet Yildiz was shot and killed outside a cafe near the Bosphorus strait.

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  • Cam

    A start would be identifying the victim. That would force his family to explain themselves.

  • MartinDK

    It was of course not islam that made a father kill his own son, right? And it could have happened just as easily with a christian i guess?

  • LandStander

    @MartinDK: ” And it could have happened just as easily with a christian i guess?”

    You guessed right.

  • darkmoonman

    @MartinDK: You are correct. In fact, it could happen in any place that is controlled (officially or not) by any of the Abrahmist religions. E.g. It happens in hyper-Christianized states in the USA.

  • LookerQ

    If this is not barbarism, I don’t know what is … for a father to kill his own son because he’s gay … the magnitude of self hatred has to be great …

  • Bob LaBlah

    It seems like yesterday morning when five teens were shot dead in Isreal. ISRAEL, mind you. That country that has the ability to detect tunnels, which direction a suicide bomber came from and whether he used Charmin or a local brand of toilet paper to wipe his ass before he blew up a bus.

    Those capabilities notwithstanding, to this day NO ONE has been arrested in the murder of those five teenagers whose only mistake was standing out in front of the local gay youth center.

    Seems odd that no cameras, no witnesses, no………..but hey, I’m not Jewish so why should I cry out about it, huh? They sure didn’t (the gay jews) neither here nor there.

  • streeteditions

    A somewhat similar situation occurred in the Dominican Republic in the 1990’s when the Broadway actor, George Rose, was murdered by the father and uncle of a young man whom Rose had as a companion. The young man feared he would be replaced by someone younger, told his relatives, who killed Rose to insure his inheritance. Greed and honor are poor excuses for crimes. The murderers were eventually charged and convicted after a great deal of media attention.


    You think Muslim, are bad? have you heard thing call “Christianity” or something like that?. The religion that murdered millions in the name of fucking GOD! talk to the Jiews..Fucking Christian.

  • Triple S

    What a horrible thing to read. The poor guy trying to stay away from violence, then being murdered. The terror he must have been feeling would have been horrifying to see.

  • Cam

    @Bob LaBlah:

    Oh I see another person who hates gays coming in here trying to attack the one country in the area that gives gays civil rights.

    Look, I’m sorry, I just don’t carea bout Palestine as long as they are arresting and advocating the killing of gays. If they stop that then I will care.

    The difference is, if the killers are caught in Isreal they will be arrested.

  • navyboy62

    Look guys i’ve read all the comments thus far, but lets get a couple things straight its not ” GOD ” or “Religion ” doing the killing it is man first Isrial is the land of our fathers and there will in time the world will come to an end. Man from the beinging of time has used God and Religion as the excuses for the horrific thing with which he does~ so dont loose your faith but know the differance and pray for all the people around this world with which Man is betrayed and also for the betrayer for the time of judgement Will Come~ All my Love and Best to you All~

  • tidalpool

    @LookerQ: The reaction to homosexuality seems to be triggered by so many things. Your position in society, your position in the family. Your family’s faith, their obvious views on sodomy. If you are a male or female. Even your financial status. Excepting the Asian world where one rarely hears of gays being routinely ostracized, it is more then common thru out the rest of the world. From the Russias to the Caucus, Turkey and Arabia, France, Mexico, Argentina and Chile, the USA and Mongolia all have a chronic and virulent antipathy towards pederasty and sodomy. It is impossible to point the finger at one issue like religion. It is also conterproductive to assume the homosex-activists in the western world will soon find like situations in those countrys with state mandated religions. Equal rights may well be the goal here, life is the goal in many other countries. Be glad we live in the west.

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