Murray Hill Hearts Penelope Cruz

cruz.jpg MHILL2.jpg

Drag King legend Murray Hill’s got a bit of a crush on Penelope Cruz. It seems that after a recent show, Hill went up to the actress spit some game and get her digits. According to Latin Gossip, Cruz didn’t feel the vibe:

It was reported that Penelope giggled nervously and posed for a few snapshots with the butch admirer. Rumors that Penelope is a lesbian have been going around Hollywood for quite some time (and who wouldn’t be after dating Tom Cruise?), so this is what may have sparked the inspiration for this encounter. Either way, it seems Penelope handled it well and who knows, maybe when she wants to flip the switch, she’ll call Murray.

Right. Sorry, Murray, we love you, but we have a feeling you’ll first have to go through Salma Hayek and her voluptous titties. We’ve heard from many-a-reliable source that they’ve been lovers forever…hot Latina lesbian lovers. Muy caliente, indeed!