MUSIC: Gloria Estefan (Over)Reaches For Gay-Diva Status. Plus: New Music From Will Young, Sinead O’Connor

I really haven’t been paying attention to Sinead O’Connor’s recent bonkers behavior. There was something about anal sex and an online personal ad and a brief marriage and a suicide attempt, right?
Actually I’m pretty glad that I know as little as possible about O’Connor’s personal life, because it would have colored my opinion of her new album, How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?—and that would have been a shame.

Instead, I heard this bona fide comeback divorced of context and I’m telling you, it’s amazing.

How About I Be Me is at turns moody and uplifting—totally catchy and accessible, yet with genuinely odd and intense moments. It’s a stunner. And the first single, “The Wolf is Getting Married,” is just the tip of the iceberg.


NEXT: Gloria Estfan’s video for “Hotel Nacional” is kitschier than a Love Boat marathon

As Queerty posted last week, Gloria Estefan has a new single out and she’s aiming clearly at the gay market—as you may have guessed by her recent appearances at various gay clubs.

I’m not sure I can describe the video for “Hotel Nacional” better than Glen Weldon did on last week’s episode of his NPR podcast, Pop Culture Happy Hour:

How much, with her white-knuckled desperation, is [Estefan] lunging for the gays? This video includes:

A) A Rocky Horror homage—the framing device is from Rocky Horror.

B) Several drag queens—a brace of drag queens? A sachet of drag queens?—including one that has been on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

So by the time I get to listing the cameo appearance by Susan Lucci, you can tell that I’m already gilding a lily that is pretty much made out of solid gold.

You heard the man—solid gold.

NEXT: Miss Guy steps away from the Toilet

Toilet Böys fronter Miss Guy has a new E.P. out called “Dumb Blonde.” It’s the singer’s debut solo effort and while The Toilet Böys always existed somewhere between Motörhead and Rocky Horror, the album’s title track and lead single has more of a glam-rock feel.


NEXT: An older, wiser Will Young is ready to lose himself.

I’m also kinda loving Will Young’s new track, “Losing Myself.” Young’s previous single, “Leave Right Now,” didn’t exactly make the British singer a household name in the U.S., despite a being American Idol’s outro song in 2010. It’s a lovely track that just never caught fire.

“Losing Myself,” on the other hand, may have what it takes. The track offers plenty of New Wave energy and a healthy dose of soul, a combination that’s worked so well in the past for that other gay Brit, George Michael.