MUSIC: Madonna! George Michael! No Doubt! (And Bloc Party, Too)

“Turn Up the Radio,” Madonna

Here it is, gays: the MDNA single we’ve been predicting for months, “Turn Up The Radio.” Madonna’s best bid for a genuine Song of the Summer, comes just in time for midsummer getaway season. And speaking of getaways, the video for “Radio” finds a weary  Madge hounded by adoring fans and paparazzi in Italy. She is just not having you right now, people! That is, until her impossibly gorgeous driver, you know, turns up the radio. Then she’s all like, “Yeah, let’s put the top down and pick up a bunch of models and drive around Italy!”

We’ve been hearing this song at pool parties from P-Town to Asbury Park, but with the single’s release, get ready for “Turn Up The Radio” to reach maximum cultural saturation.

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