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Musical Gays on the Video Tubes: Homo-Interviews with The Voice’s Tyler Robinson and Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes

You may not be aware of this, but a lot of gay people are involved in the arts.

For example! Gay Mormon reality show contestant Tyler Robinson, who set our hearts aflame by coming out to his dad on national TV. And then there’s Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes, who looks cute in a pink coat.

What do these two artists have in common, side from a mutual interest in music and men? Well, they were both gay-interviewed this week, and shared their thoughts on singing and artistry and the nature of their industries. Check out these two insightful chats, starting with Tyler Robinson pouring his heart out to Nick Vivion of Unicorn Booty:

And now take a gander at this one, featuring Zack Rosen in a fetching dress, plus a mysterious lurking beardo.