Musical Notes: Cazwell

We’ve had a hard-on for Cazwell since we first came to NYC. How long ago was that? We can’t say, both because we try not to date ourselves (unless it makes us look young) and we can’t really recall…

Anyway, we were thrilled when his homies contacted us about reviewing the club-kid turned homo hip-hopper’s upcoming album, Get Into It (Peace Bisquit). With a dab of electro-pop mixed with a healthy amount of old-school flavor, dance-ready beats, and irreverent lyrics, the funky, rap-heavy offering promises to become a faggot-favorite.

Sure, it may not be perfect, but given Cazwell’s comedic timing, totally fuck-worthy persona, and a slew of guest stars, such as Amanda Lepore and Avenue D (one of the few bands to survive the fall of electro-clash), we have a feeling Cazwell’s debut may even transcend the walls of gayville.

While the first single “All Over Your Face” deserves all the positive attention it’s received, we’re pretty keen on “I Buy My Socks on 14th Street” and “Do You Wanna Break Up?” We’ve posted the video for the latter above so you can form an own opinion and all that.

Even if you’re not a fan of that particular track, the video features cameos by a who’s who of NYC nightlife, including Candis Cayne, Michael Musto and Sophia Lamar. With a trannie bar brawl climax, it’s sure to hit the spot.

Learn the words now so you can impress your friends when the album drops November 14th. Ya heard?