Musical Notes: Sade


We’ve had waaaay too much coffee today, so we needed to take a second to chill and dusted off our Sade CD for a little trip down memory lane. While the aforementioned lane brought back some unsavory memories of loves lost, it reignited our love for the eloquent, emotive singer.

Born as Helen Folasade Adu in Nigeria, Sade moved to England, where she was raised by her mother following her parent’s divorce. It may surprise you to know that music was not Sade’s first career choice. She studied fashion at St. Martin’s, where she sang vocals with some chums.

Thankfully for us, music took hold and Sade went on to join a band called Pride (yeah, thought you’d like that) and co-wrote “Smooth Operator” with Ray St. John before breaking off to sing solo.

Her first release, “Diamond Life,” launched her career with a bang, but it’s her most recent offering, “Lovers Rock” that makes our heart skip a beat.

If you love Sade, give her a shout out. If not, get on the ball and track her down.