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WATCH: Peter Gabriel, REM (With Kirsten Dunst!), Woodkid And More

“Iron”, Woodkid
Woodkid’s video for “Iron” isn’t exactly brand new—French music-video director Yoann Lemoine released his first EP under that pseudonym back in March—but I just stumbled upon it this week and it’s so bloody breathtaking I couldn’t not mention it here. And when I say breathtaking, I don’t just mean the stunning black and white video featuring supermodel Agyness Deyn and this really scary/pretty owl charging into some imaginary battle. The song itself is this huge, rousing orchestral beast, Lemoine’s haunting vocals reminiscent of Antony Hegarty’s. Call me overly dramatic or geeky or whatever, but this one goes on my iPod, right alongside that Game of Thrones theme song.

Lemoine has hinted in interviews that whatever story he began in the “Iron” video will continue in the clips from his upcoming full-length debut, due out in early 2012. Can’t wait!
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